My name is Daniel. I would consider myself a mad philosopher, open minded but skeptical and always curious! I love to talk history, politics and any social problems, occasionally psychology. I am for from "educated" as i consider the education system of today be more of an indoctrination camp rather then educational, and most things about life i have learned from my curiosity and skepticism. People call me "Tinfoil hat" and "retarded" simply because i do not buy into the modern society hoaxes. I don't see myself align with any specific "ideology" neither do i put pronouns on my thoughts and ideas that ends with an "ism", such as Atheism. I'm having none of that, or perhaps a little bit, but everything with moderation and always remember that absolute certainty most likely leads to insanity. I have no Utopian dreams, neither do i care if there is nothing after this life when i eventually die. What i do care about is today, the present and the future for our children and theirs to come!
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