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Writer. Activist. Animal Lover. Conspiracy Theorist.

National Humanist

Aspiring Artist and Free Speech Activist. I post every week, currently It's my progress in learning to draw, but soon will include recordings of my piano playing.

Cannabis fan, anime watcher, ocarina practitioner, maintenance worker (or use to be), amateur mycologist and forensic archeologist ( I play with fungi and rocks).

This is the home of the #AltLeft. We believe in the glory of the American proletariat. We are not “libertarians” in the economic sense, and we are the sworn enemies of globalism, neoliberalism, the new left, neoconservatism, Aryan supremacy, and most of all MONARCHY. #DownWithTheCrown

Spaniard Freethinker against globalism and their puppets. Store:

82nd Airborne, Four combat tours, Purple Heart recipient, husband and father, Part of the Problem, Political Science denier

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Minimum politics, minimum effort, maximum satisfaction. Chaotic Neutral. Follow me, I know de wae. Finder of frens, mother of hashtags. The Game, you just lost it.

Everyone's favorite agorist waifu. Jorts, cocktails, voice over, bunnies, crafts, and absolute anarchy.

Jun 2015
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