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I am an inventor, author, blogger, Dream interpreter, researcher, teacher and most of all student of all things. I am a proud introvert, and often too edgy. I've been accused of being stupid, but never being closed minded; I always try to learn something new every day and like a true explorer I always share the most fascinating things I discover, everything I post will likely make you do a double-take if it doesn't just blow your mind, I focus my research on the subconscious mind to explore the deeper components to life.... click subscribe and let's go on an adventure together. I focus my posts on the most interesting and fascinating facts and misconceptions we have in society. My goal is to learn and share something new and interesting every day.

My name is Jason and I love my Wife and Son. Im super bullish on Litecoin but love most cryptocurrencies. Please check out my blog also

Apr 2018
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