As it is in the light, so it is in the darkness 13.666 Sojourner | Traveler | Explorer | Dark Soul I’ve walked and explored a third of this planet searching for answers for myself. For ten damn years and I’m still at it. It has been a very long journey. I’ve been to many countries in Asia having exposed to several cultures and languages. I have experienced a lot of things, seen a lot of things, exposed and experimented myself to the dark side and done something insane, just to get a clear understanding as I gain more knowledge. There are so many things hidden in the heavens above and also on the earth beneath. This all started ten years ago and I was doing something on my computer when suddenly I’ve experienced something really extraordinary. “WTF!” I exclaimed. I stopped everything I was doing. I stood up, bought luggage and off I go exploring the world to find answers. Just like that. I’m currently building a website/blog. I also need a much simpler platform where I could start immediately without bothering myself with coding - something WYSIWYG. Fortunately, I found this new site and I have all that I need to convey my experiences. This is where I will dump all my raw thoughts, new discoveries and eureka moments where I can refine it further for my website. It could be in the form of poetry, theories, philosophy, science, religion, ancient artifacts, the occult and witchcraft. But, it will be confined in the blog section of this site to make things organized. Other than that, I will be posting my interests and anything random on the main section. Alright, I am talking way too much already. If you are an unfortunate soul to have found this channel, enjoy your stay and welcome.
Dec 2018
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