Commentary on Identity Culture and Politics, sometimes i cover religious issues.
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Hay, I am Betty from West Nyack city, USA. I am gaming surveillance officer in Sambo’s company. I watched over casinos and casino- hotel operation for irregular activities such as cheating or theft by either employees or patrons. Yesterday I met an astrologer he discusses on the topic named kamdev mantra for attraction which really affected me. I May use one-way mirrors above the casino floor, cashier's cage, and from desk. Use of audio/video equipment is also common to observe operation of the business.

Hi, I am Maria Hobbs from New York.Teach career development courses for designated areas. Develop, evaluate and revise course materials and assess student learning outcomes.Advises and consults with clients as it relates to Life Driven Wealth Management and love vashikaran specialist. Welcoming all customers in a friendly and proactive way

I am highly visual fashion professional with more than 3 years of experience. I’m passionate about advancing my career and interested.I believe my skills and talents blend exquisitely with innovative concepts. Do brilliantly mix and match the technical expertise and intuition like fabric and color seeks to become the latest Fashion Designer for La Vie En Rose in New York.

Anti-woke, anti-sjw, anti-racist, pro freedom of speech. The far- left illiberal liberals must stopped from destroying the West.

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There are no strangers just friends we have yet to meet.


Time to call out all regressives, apologists, deniers, self-flagellating Westerners, feminists, anti-American idiots, the entitled & the politically correct. Fuck 'em!!!!

Computer Programmer/Escapee of various trumped up crap/festering scandal

The middle of Ireland
Sep 2016
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