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Just a normal man like everyone else

Here you will read the latest in ancient history,ufo,news,nature,scince and much much moore

I’m a hard worker no matter what I’m doing. That’s just me -- #Gothic

Hey everyone, we are knew to Minds. Hailing from Facebook 😂 We post about corruption surrounding the powers that be, but we will also branch out a bit more here than we have on Facebook, so enjoy! All wires will be reinvested into the page, thanks!

This channel is about Music life ,family ,and freinds . What we do in New Orleans Louisiana will suprise you at every corner , bring joy to you and fun at different stages., you'll see many different aspect of my life. I'm Dustinperez I rep New Orleans Louisiana and CScrew also this is (Poorboy entertainment). Be expecting to here more of me , after hurricane Katrina we rebuild after the BP oil spill my job as a fisherman ruined our family leneage gone in a moment . One that seemed would never end. For those whom thowe who # subscribe to my channel I will make it a point of mine to give you raw videos of how I'm now living , where I've come from , what I've been through , having overcome drug addiction a farther who I never really met an ex that left me and the everyday struggles of living in New Orleans Louisiana among some of the best and worst of our kind I'm here I'm happy and I'm not going any where. I'm sure you'll see that as my videos continue they will become of a greater standard and quality I'm giving everyone the chance to look inside my life and see exactly how I'm living, good bad and the ugly . Sometimes the awkward lol. The funny , the speed , the adrinalin of living in what I believe to be the most mysterious and holy city God has ever created next to Israel. Thanks and. # Subscribe. And y'all come back now ya here! There is alot more to come as my mom is sick we continue taking a trip to Colorado to get her some hash oil . Modern medicine can't help it hasn't so it time we take it upon ourselves to heal her. My kids you'll eventually see all four of them and much much more as my freinds begin to get involved you meet the (CScrew) and more as we bring life to y'all raw from New Orleans as (Poorboy entertainment). ###$ubscRiBe , share , and like . See if you can find me on Facebook and YouTube you'll see bugs Thsts me. Peace!

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Nov 2013
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