Mélanie, co-host of CCW
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The world is good, people are good, and politics is hilarious. I'm the cranky ginger cohost of the CounterCultureWISE podcast.
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Christian | American Nationalist | MA in History, North Alabama, 2019 | Co-Host of @TheRightTake Podcast I post about #history, #news, #politics, #nature, and #sports. Podcast: https://righttakepodcast.com History blog: http://historyhowithappened.com Follow me on Gab: https://gab.com/DC_Nationalist

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Bride of Jesus 👰‍♀️ Christian Brother ✝️ Evangelist 🚶🏽 Prayer Warrior 🥷 Entrepreneur 👨🏽‍💼🤝 Trans-Vaxxed #JesusLovesMe Join My Church: https://t.me/rccgpal

Steve the Stref
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Writer, comedian, gamer, and crass big mouth. Love me or hate me, I'll appreciate both. Follow me if you want unapologetic takes on how fucked (yet funny) things are in the world today. Gonna talk lots of shit about lots of shit here, so don't be shy, nothing is off the table. Join the party...even if you're a douche bag! Don't worry, I'll let ya know...

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This channel is dedicated to understanding the agenda perpetrated on the unsuspecting masses; in all of its various forms, both perceptible and imperceptible. Consider supporting me on Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/SilasSpeaks

Trending news, life hacks, funny stories, myth busters and quizzes. There is also a dedicated section for in-detail reads which are comparatively detailed content.

without nature their is no existence, By existence i am an immortal invisible soul

My Site focuses on reacting to videos on the web. For Business inquiries & sponsorships request contact me are the email Below! [email protected] My YouTube channel is youtube.com/channel/UCQYv8o_6M1ZP133MD1u9KPA?sub_confirmation=1

Las Vegas
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Feb 2018
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