Consistent Conservative

Proud US Marine So you don't need to go reading through all of my content to see if we align, I will list my beliefs here; do with them what you will 1) Small gov = good gov (all things being = ) 2) Protect human life 3) Free speech protection paramount 4) Right to self protection most important 5) Treat based on beliefs not race/sex 6) Without consistency, there are no 'truths' 7) Capitalism superior to other forms 8) Roll Tide Roll! Please call me out if you see deviation from above belief system. If wrong, I'll amend; if unclear, I'll add clarity; if misunderstood, I will try to enlighten. Point being is that we must first agree on a starting point and if it is not stable (consistent) but instead moves (different values for different situations/people) how can progress be made
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