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Kindness matters – Anti-Nazi, Pro-Jew – Christian Ignostic – Concerned about freedom of speech and the Overton window

Christian, Conservative, married 38 years, Navy/Marine family,Talk Radio Junkie, Al Anon, Politics will not solve our problems. Jesus is the only answer. #1A #2a #MAGA #PrayforIsrael

Patriot, loves German culture, loves history, current events, conservative populist, Christian, future historian for the military.

Frank Sinito is the Chief Executive Officer of the Millennia Companies, which began in 1995 with the simultaneous acquisition of a 566-unit (6 project) portfolio and his founding of Millennia Housing Management, Ltd. Today, The Millennia Companies’ footprint spans nearly 23,400 units across 23 states, and continues to grow. Millennia is currently comprised of Millennia Housing Management, Millennia Housing Development, Millennia Housing Capital, and American Preservation Builders. Frank’s experience includes market apartment homes, affordable housing, and commercial properties. In addition to his successful development of affordable and market rate housing projects, Frank is also responsible for Thornburg Station, an award-winning $12 million, 40,000 sq. ft. corporate office development in Cleveland, Ohio. Since 1992, Frank, along with his wife Malisse, has provided fine dining in the Cleveland area through the award-winning LockKeepers restaurant. Frank is a member of the Northeast Ohio Apartment Association and the Midwest Affordable Housing Management Association. He is active in several Christian ministries, and is Chairman of True Freedom Ministries. Frank is a graduate of Cleveland State University, where he minored in Finance and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Economics.

Conservative, Christian, Biblical on Social issues. Ban Islam. No to LGBT tyranny, Pro-life.

End of my 40[s, grew up in Fort Worth; Texas, tall dark and handsome, conceited,lol, love people, love God, love life.

Jul 2018
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