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Opinionated. Interested in objective truth, beauty and morality. Neuroscience student. Like books, all sorts of genres seriously it's ridiculous. I love bees, elephants, crows and octopuses. Memes
poetry and music and more - sometimes :)
DreamBody Medical Centers Specializes in Total Wellness and the looks to go with it. We combine Hormonal Replacement Therapy, IV nutrition, Natural Supplements, Nutrition, Medications, Regenerative Joint Therapies, Weight loss treatments, Natural and Medical skincare and Dermal Injectable fillers to achieve your goals. Our goal is to provide every client with an individualize plan to optimize health and looks.
Pivot Cycles is an innovative, highly technical mountain bike manufacturing company based in Tempe, Arizona. Since 2007, Pivot has engineered award-winning bicycles in a broad range of off-road categories; full suspension cross country mountain bikes such as the Mach4 SL and LES SL, full suspension trail bikes such as the Trail 429 and Mach 5.5, enduro bikes such as the Switchblade and Firebird, downhill mountain bikes such as the Phoenix, and high performance gravel bikes such as the Vault. Owner and founder Chris Cocalis is an industry-leading bicycle design expert, and was an early innovator in carbon mountain bike frame manufacturing. Pivot Cycles is the title sponsor of Pivot Factory Racing, established in 2010 by champion downhill mountain bike athlete Bernard Kerr. Pivot maintains offices in Tempe, Arizona, Stüttgart, Germany, and Taipei, Taiwan.
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Sep 2016
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