Christian, pro Brexit, pro Trump, pro Israel...but mostly pro Jesus (after finding out Jesus is for me!)
location_onSeated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus!

Born in the post-Orwellian era

Married with children and grandchildren. Conservative Hebrew Roots faith

I am a born again saint of the LORD JESUS CHRIST living to do HIS will. If you do not have the assurance of eternal life but desire it please call upon HIM and believe with all your heart that HE shall save you. I will be glad to chat with you as well if you desire such. GOD bless!!! 

Christian, Wife, Mother, Grandmother....says it all.

Here you will find posts that will make you think. Enjoy the synapse fires. Follower of Yeshua (many of you know Him as Jesus Christ). Researcher. Truth seeker. Comment anything you want even if you completely disagree with a post. However, if your comment contains foul language or personally offensive remarks (racism, sexism, etc) your comment will be removed.

Colorado based landscape and nature photographer who is also an unapologetic objectivist, and anti PC/SJW Liberty activist. my website:

Seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus!
Nov 2016
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