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I keep forgetting this site exists

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Coffee drinker who on occasion likes to enjoy a solid dram or three of whiskey. Loves the Arts. Even dabbles in Photography, as an amateur of course. My Blogs are mostly me wanting to get some thoughts out of my head - some make sense, some may not.

What's up new frands! So far I've been posting neat or funny photos I've taken in the past and currently present xD I will sometimes share music I like I enjoy digital scenery I like to write. I just started a blog. I have NO IDEA what i'm doing. I've never started one before so i figured i'd splash in sneak peeks into my past and personality. I will not claim to be nice but that is up for you to decide ^^

I am half-german und half-british und living at the moment in germany. I like Sci-fi und Fantasy und write myself a lot. If you are interested und can read german you can go to my blog here, where i post my storys und some other longer texts about politicts: Gab:

On top of the Yggdrasil Tree
Sep 2016
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