TO THE UNDERSTANDING READER I Doe not studie Eloquence, or profess Musicke, although I doe love Sence, and affect Harmony: my Profession being, as my Education hath beene, Armes, the onely effeminate part of me, hath beene Musicke; which in mee hath beene alwayes Generous, because never Mercenarie. To prayse Musicke, were to say, the Sunne is bright. To extoll my selfe, would name my labors vaine glorious. Onely this, mu studies are far from servile imitations, I robbe no others inventions, I take no Italian Note to an English dittie, or filch fragments of Songs to stuffe out my volumes. There are mine own Phansies expressed by my proper Genius, which if thou dost dislike, let me see thine, Carpere vel noli nostra, vel ede tua, Now to use a modest shortnes, and a briefe expression of my seffe to all noble spirites, thus, My title expresseth my Bookes Contents, which (if my Hopes faile me not) shall not deceive their expectation, in whose approvement the crowne of my labors resteth. And from henceforth, the stateful instrument Gambo Violl shall with ease yeelde full various and as devicefull Musicke as the Lute. For here I protest the Trinitie of Musicke, parts, Passion and Division, to be as gracefully united in the Gambo Violl, as in the most received Instrument that is, which here with a Souldiers Resolution, I give up to the acceptance of at noble dispositions. The friend of his friend, TOBIAS HUME

They can never hide the truth no matter how hard they try. There will come a day, when all the lies will collapse under their own weight, and the truth will triumph again. -Joseph Goebbels, 1945 Suggested Group: ----------------------------- The Philosophy of National Socialism:

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Person of Earth, just visiting, Drummer, songwriter, shit head, punk poet, photo dabbler, pancake lover, author, artist, Wizard, observing life's sour miracle with a chuckle inside. Staying young until I'm not anymore or until something breaks, busts or clogs. Love MINDS groups

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