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Will Someone Explain to the PM the Meaning of “Quick and Peaceful”? After dallying around Africa and Europe for a week while Canada’s railroads were being shut down by an assortment of political activists across the country and pipeline protestors in northern BC, Prime Minister Trudeau finally headed home, saying he wanted a “quick and peaceful” solution to the impasse. The “quick” part of that should have happened the day the first illegal rail blockade was set up on February 6. In fact, it should have begun on January 1, the day after a court injunction was granted to Coastal Gas Link (CGL) to be able to proceed with development of their pipeline. The time for a “quick” solution is long past. #cdnpoli #protesters #pipeline #trudeau #oil
The Terrorist Beside You Do you remember the crazy world of Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland”? I read the book as a child and remember Alice always feeling out of her element because everything was backwards. I can’t help but wonder if Canada today is “Wonderland”. I seem to be constantly feeling out of touch with Canada’s reality. #cdnpoli #terrorists #news #ezralevant #OmarKhadr
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