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I am raising awareness about the E.T. agenda for human advancement. website:
Greco-Buddhism, or Graeco-Buddhism, is the cultural syncretism between Hellenistic culture and Buddhism, which developed between the 4th century BC and the 5th century AD in #Bactria and the Indian subcontinent, corresponding to the territories of modern-day #Afghanistan, Tajikistan, #India, and #Pakistan. #Greco #Buddhism #Dharma #Syncretism #Occult #Hidden #Esoteric #History #Apocaloptimism
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While Blacks, Hispanic, Orientals and Jews are allowed to express solidarity of collective interests in this contemporary culture, we believe White folks are entitled as well. Whether we are either a European native or a European diasporic, we shall not have our right of best interests to be infringed.
Study of German mysticism, occult and esoteric knowledge. Feel free to post anything on these topics, also anything folkish and Vril Society ladies welcome. Studium der deutschen Mystik, des okkulten und esoterischen Wissens. Fühlen Sie sich frei, irgendetwas zu diesen Themen zu posten, auch alles, was volkstümliche und Damen der Vril Society willkommen sind.
only the dankest memes make the cut, anti Semitic and racist memes are welcome here.
Founded in #Gothenburg, Sweden by Henrik Palmgren in 2003, Red Ice delivers news, TV and online radio (including Red Ice Radio and Radio #3Fourteen). Based in Sweden and North America, Red Ice reaches hundreds of thousands of people every month, seeking an alternative to the mainstream, covering politics and social issues from a pro-#European perspective. Truly #independent and supported by members, Red Ice remains commercial and ad free. #REDICE #Creations #RIC #Henrik #Fredrick #Palmgren #Sweden #livestreaming #TV #news #altmedia #radio #censored #podcasts
Originating in #India 2,500 years ago, Buddhism is a path of practice and spiritual development leading to Insight into the true nature of reality. Buddhist practices like #meditation are means of changing yourself in order to develop the qualities of awareness, kindness, and wisdom. #Buddhism #Dharma #Meditation #Happiness #Wisdom #Insight #Sangha #Enlightenment #Change #Suffering #Gnosis #Awakening
News, discussion, and activism related to protecting and expanding the right to keep and bear arms. Keep discussions civil, and on topic. If I cannot tell, at a glance, how your post relates to the right to keep and bear arms, there's a good chance it will be treated as spam. Spam posts will be deleted. Spammers will be removed from the group. Obvious spammers, and repeat spammers will be banned. Also, please invite your subscribers. Owner: @ButchCrassidy
A place to share videos, interviews, events, etc regarding Max Igan and the topics, events, etc he is a part of. This is to share the work, not glorify the man. No cults of personality, please. OFFICIAL WEBSITE: THE OFFICIAL MAX IGAN MINDS CHANNEL is here: THE OFFICIAL COMMUNITY FORUMS are also here: THE SKYPE CHAT FOR THIS MINDS GROUP: OTHER PLACES TO FIND THIS CONTENT: CloutHub: Audio Only: LBRY / Odysee: Bitchute: ALTCENSORED: BrandNewTube: Mewe: MixCloud Audio Mirror: Gab: 3Speak: Hive: DollarVigilante TV: FreedomTube: Rumble: Gettr: Instagram: X / Twitter: Discord: Telegram: DONATE / SUPPORT:
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