Without wishes, Indifferently, Do you get accustomed to the invalidity of your existence. Completely naked, Do you recognize the true independent nature of yourself. Awakened in the immutability of being, You must not become someone be longer. Where the truth is not different from the Ilusion, All suffering has a end. This is, The Interweb! We are Anonymous! We don´t forgive. We don´t forget.

I'm a voluntary agorist father of four who likes music, art, motorcycles, guns, amateur radio, property rights, freedom of expression and association, homesteading, and horticulture.  I don't like idiots, but I do tolerate them.

i am a very open girl, i love to have fun with my friends and make people happy ,i enjoy a lot of traveling and meeting new people from all roots and countries,i love having different conversations and listening to people's minds, i love to dance, cook and eat great food, i like to be remembered for everyone that meets me

I read creepy, scary & unsettling stories for your listening pleasure. I also host an internet radio show called Turn Left At The Dead End.

Rock Singer | Host of BLACKOUT on Idobi Radio | Owner of MK-Ultra 90 clothing

Voice of the NBC Sports Radio Network & Radio/TV stations worldwide. Owner/Instructor: New Jersey Tai Chi

Empowering the next generation of human rights defenders by exploring, sharing and evaluating the best human rights career opportunities out there.

We are Pirates of Dark Water, here to unite minds for our cause, we are here to save the world and no one will know it was us. We have been in the shadows watching and this is bout to get nuts We're here to stop injustice, and release the world from its cuffs, We stand up they fall, that is all, they are weak and we're tall, United to stand on our feet at the call to defeat any foe. Check out my rap blog. You must be incognito to view. Use a browser that can handle tor to web sites.

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MPG Radio supports unsigned and independent artists, and we want to help great music get heard. We are a listener-supported, internet-music radio station. Our mission is to search out and expose great new music to people who otherwise may never encounter it.

Jun 2015
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