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Freedom fighter
Hillary Brunhilda Clinton arch-Criminal, Destroyer of Nations, Disaster Relief Fund Embezzler . I've got what it takes to take what you got, SABE?
Privacy, Free Speech, US & Global Economy, Government and Political-Sci, Social Commentary, Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency, Current Events, History, Philosophy, MGTOW
MCK_Ultra (Em-sea-Kay-Ultra) South Texas College of Law Houston
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I dream sometimes of a place were the small voice makes big waves. I want equality and a place I am proud to call home. I'm done with a paradigm that endorses the failed attempts at control. I'm big on learning and trying to improve myself with no end. For the most part I enjoy hanging out and laughing at random anime and comics or debating physics and consciousness.
24 y/o. Continuosly expanding conscious. Seemingly never enough but growing none-the-less. Excited to do so!
Unapologetic Cultural Libertarian Sh1tl0rd Ceterum censeo Unionem Europaeam esse delendam ___ Veteran of #GamerGate and #ProjectChanology, former ZS loyalist and youtube shitlord. Gamer and Egalitarian. #BlockTheBot High Command. "I have come here to chew bubblegum and shitpost... and I'm all out of bubble gum." Anti-SJW "Community" group: MemeFarmers group: My OCD kicked in recently and I tagged all my relevant posts with various hashtags to make them searchable with one click... #FreeKekistan #PunchItChewie : Sci Fi, Geek and Nerd Culture. Mostly memes, not gonna lie. #justAntiSJWthings : It's how we roll. #writteninbloodcaffeineandnicotine : Things I've written here on Minds that I thought were worth filing in one place. #TheFifthEstateNews: News #likeaboss : Putin Shilling #godemperor : Trump Shilling #malfunctioninghillary : Hating Hillary #SkyrimIRL #DragonageIRL : #Syria : News and Current Affairs #BodyCount : "And you shall know them by the trail of dead." #1984wasnotsupposedtobeaninstructionmanual : The prophecies of the Prophet George Orwell (PBUH) #TakeDownTheMedia : taken from an Andrew Breitbart quote, the MSM is anathema #FakeNews ^related #ThugLife : #freespeechmatters : #youtubeheroes : #JustMassEffectThings : #Messiah : Dune #Prophet : Kurt Cobain #MakeWarhammerGreatAgain:
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Nov 2012
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