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Want some DMT? Just breath. It's in there. Watch my latest documentary based off John Chavez's life work called DMT QUEST. It's all about DMT in the brain and includes Wim "The Iceman" Hof, Dr. Rick Strassman (Author of DMT: The Spirit Molecule), Dennis McKenna (legend), Mauro Zappaterra (CSF Specialist) and more. You do not want to miss this edutainment doc. #Documentary #ConsciousMedia #Breathe #DMT #NeuroScience
13.07k views · Jan 26th
"We will be giving you a glimpse about the different topics we will be exploring together and diving deep into some of the guests we are excited to have on upcoming shows. We strive to offer awareness and solutions to a rapidly evolving world, while building community… Produced live Thursdays at 5:00 PM EST." #BenStewartPodcast#ConsciousMedia#CurrentEvents#Culture#Solutions
12 views · Apr 2nd
"Elon Musk believe we'll start sending people on a one way trip to Mars by 2024 or 2026. For $300,000 you can secure a condo in the village called Nuwa on Mars. There are some terms and conditions like mandatory city work. But I also dive into the contention that outer space actually doesn't exist, as flat earthers believe. However I don't use my time debating the belief but actually showing the self-policing mechanisms people have within them regarding matters that aren't of real priority to our floundering ecosystem." #AWAKEN #ConsciousMedia#CurrentEvents#Solutions#Culture
13 views · Apr 2nd
Today I dive deep on this concept of NORMAL. Is Normal a Social Illness? Many of us would agree that what we deem normal comes largely from conditioning, so how would we know if we are stepping deeper down a dark road for humanity if we don't stop and ask some serious questions. I go deep... #AWAKEN #ConsciousMedia #Culture #NewNormal #CharlesEisenstein
21 views · Mar 29th
"We are all artists and the vast majority of us don't realize these incredible tools we have available to us to transform the world around us. It may seem too simple but in these trying times, you may find that your greatest capacity to handle global stress is to draw forth your inner artist archetype." #AWAKEN #ConsciousMedia #News #Tools #Archetypes
48 views · Mar 22nd
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"Do you feel like you have all the knowledge, yet you’re “stuck” in the same patterns? Destructive habits like addiction, self-sabotage, low self-worth, or even “communications problems” in relationships are all tied to one thing: conditioned behavior practiced since childhood. Childhood trauma is nothing you overcome just because you grow up. But there are ways to heal what happened in the past to create an entirely different future. In this episode of Impact Theory, Tom Bilyeu is joined by Clinical Psychologist Dr. Nicole LePera." #AWAKEN #ConsciousMedia #Psychology #Solutions #SubconsciousMind
77 views · Mar 15th
repeatReminded by Ben Joseph Stewart
"@AbbyMartin's Empire Update wraps up the last week in US imperialism: Biden breaks major campaign promise to punish Saudi Arabia for Khashoggi murder; US & France extend war in Africa; Bolivia and Venezuela defy US Empire; major bloodshed on the horizon in Afghanistan." #AWAKEN #Journalism #Truth #MilitaryIndustrialComplex #Empire
70 views · Mar 15th
repeatReminded by Ben Joseph Stewart
"In this video I respond to some of your comments from my recent video about Davos Billionaire 'philanthropy'." #AWAKEN #ConsciousMedia #News #Davos #TheGreatReset
69 views · Mar 15th
"A recent article suggests that China is harvesting US citizens DNA and intends to sequence all living genetics into their own private database. I dive deep into this story and show what some of the angles and misrepresentations may be. Take a peak remember to look into Allison McDowell's work at She's amazing." #AWAKEN #ConsciousMedia #News #DNA #China
58 views · Mar 14th