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The current year - part 1

AragmarOct 6, 2018, 3:47:13 PM

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This new series of blogs will explore an alternative history universe, the setting of my science fiction books. Although it is the current year and there are some similarities like names, places, and events - it is in all a completely different world. Enjoy and please post your questions in the comment section below. Which country I should write about next?


Thanks to all of their sacrifices during the period now most commonly known as the Great War, the people of Japan can now live in a safe country. Just like all of the other nation states on old Earth, the Empire of Japan has retained its cultural and political independence. Things are somewhat different though. As part of the Terran Imperial Minarchy, the Empire of Japan has certain obligations to fulfill. These include mandatory self-defense training for all of its citizens and space survival courses. Other than that the state's power has diminished greatly delegating much of its original functions to local prefectures and municipalities. These still hold elections every two years, and despite the fact that there are no political parties anymore, the citizens are free to campaign for their favorite candidates. Japan is an Empire that is ruled by its Imperial family, but all local power is in the hands of its citizens. The order is kept by the still strong and numerous Imperial Civil Force. ICF is a military ran police force that accepts only the very best into its ranks. Old samurai clans retain much of their influence and many of the cultural traditions are still kept very much alive. 

Japanese cities are huge, yet optimized to provide maximum comfort. 

The samurai class for example still exists, though their traditional duty to protect has shifted from their lords to the Japanese citizenry. The power of each clan is measured by how many samurai warriors they can deploy and enemies felled on the fields of battle. In a proclamation after the Pirate Clan invasion of 1969, the Mikado stated that all citizens of the Terran Imperial Minarchy who are in imminent danger are to be extended the same level of protection by any samurai. That in effect had caused the samurai class to quadruple during the Earth's Restoration. Between the years 1971 and 2000, the number of samurai who joined different Colonial Navy units or participated in defensive ground operations of the Colonial Militia counted in the millions. Modern samurai are piloting the best Mecha and Starfighters that their Clan can provide, often locked in bitter competition with ancient rivals for the prestigious honor to defeat the enemies of humanity. The newest advances in modern personal armor and melee weapon technology meant that the fabled samurai sword skills can be again put to good use. Ancient family swords upgraded and perfected are once more felling scores of enemies on the field of battle.

Exquisitely crafted and deadly, Japanese starfighters keep not only Earth's space safe, but that of vulnerable, distant colonies.

Despite the modern revival of the samurai class and the transformation of Bushido, the ordinary Japanese citizen lives a calm, peaceful life. Many aliens, members of the Star Alliance, fall in love in Japan's culture. They then repeatedly visit as tourists fueling the bustling service industry which employs almost all of the population. Ancient crafts are also well known, with artisans producing traditional Japanese art and items being held in high regard all around the planets of the Star Alliance. Many alien martial artists start long pilgrimages with Japan being their ultimate target. Local masters accept and train only those aliens who prove themselves worthy and only such who heed from Star Alliance worlds. 

Shimazu corp has built many underwater cities and employs millions of highly trained construction engineers.

The incredible advances in technology allowed almost all of Japan's huge population to be housed and employed. Citizens of the Empire also freely leave Japan and venture into space, colonizing the expanse known as Fringe space. Older clans sponsor many of these colonies, ever expanding the Terran sphere of influence through trade and peaceful exploration. Despite their peaceful nature, when the need arises, colonists bolstered by samurai warriors often engage in retaliatory strikes against Pirate Clans, slavers and others who dare to infringe upon their right to peacefully exist.

@Katsuakira Hope you liked it and please, post your other questions in the comments. I will try to answer them all in a timely manner :3

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