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The Current Year - Part 3, Italy

AragmarFeb 23, 2019, 3:22:13 PM

The Kingdom of Italy is currently one of the richest and most prosperous among the old nation-states on Earth. Before the Great War of 1938, Italy had already reorganized its industry and became a world-leader in ship manufacturing. That was one of the main reasons why Italians managed to successfully fend off even the largest Soviet naval attacks. The industrious and hardworking Italians didn't stop there; many engineers built car manufacturing companies. Starting around the 1900s, Italy's automobile industry soon outproduced and outperformed many others on the old continent. Around the same time, many, big car races were organized to help promote the newly founded automobile companies. Soon enough, the “1000 Miles To Rome And Back” was dubbed the most beautiful, scenic competition on the old continent.

Do not crash while driving one of those old cars...

During the Great War, Italy mobilized its significant industrial potential and this time outproduced even the Soviet Union. Soon throughout the blood-drenched battlefields of Europe and Asia, Italian tanks and other armored vehicles effectively blunted the communist advance. Many other nations were supplied with fast-moving, hard-hitting Italian tanks, which slowed down the advance of USSR conquering armies. Despite their numerical superiority, the communist armies were equipped with vehicles produced by slave labor. Their workers were basically chained inside the factories and whenever one died, he or she was replaced with another. In stark contrast, the free-loving Italians worked tirelessly, not because their Marxist masters were whipping their backs, or held their families hostage, but because they yearned to protect their free and prosperous nation.

Whatever they did, the Soviets failed to cope with Italy's armored forces.

In the aftermath of the Great War, the Kingdom of Italy recovered quickly and in just three short years its industry was working at peak efficiency again. Before the 1969s Pirate Clan invasion, Italy modernized her navy and despite the fact that the threat of world communism no longer existed, Italians wanted to be prepared... just in case. Earth's budding spaceship industry was greatly influenced by Italy's early shipbuilding efforts and engineering marvels like Palermo's floating Stardock was the envy of many other nations. Sadly, just like many other European nations, Italy was one of the first to experience orbital bombardment since Pirate Lord Mahimm's landing parties faced stiff resistance. The only way for them to quickly achieve their goal was for Earth's best trained and well-armed forces to be wiped out from space. Nevertheless, the Clanners paid a heavy toll for every man and woman they've captured. Many bloody and devastating battles took place then and after the dust had settled, Italy had suffered 21 million dead, kidnapped or maimed.

One has to be careful not to underestimate his opponent.

The 1980s were spent rebuilding the kingdom's devastated urban areas, its economy and reclaiming many of its kidnapped citizens back from the slavers' hands. Cities and factories could be replaced but the people? There wasn't a family who hadn't lost someone and many went to the stars in search of their missing loved ones. The army and navy used every resource available to them and after much hardship, 5 million of Italy's kidnapped citizens were found and reunited with their families.

Flying a starship is no easy feat, especially during battle.

These days, Italy is the prosperous nation state of old again. Millions of alien tourists visit the country, fueling its ever-growing service industry. Countless family-owned hotels, taverns, and restaurants open each year to accommodate the ever-increasing tourist traffic. The old car manufacturing companies continue producing, modern grav-vehicles this time, well known and sought after on the many Terran colonies. These days, Italy is not only famous for its food, automobiles and other exquisitely crafted vehicles, but also for her capital ship production. Many Corvette class starships are being built in the upgraded Palermo Stardock, all serve with distinction in Colonial navy and other Terran space units. 

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