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Spaceship blog 3

AragmarSep 21, 2018, 11:42:02 AM

Strike craft

Strike craft or bombers are 30m long and 10m wide. Their task is to use big torpedoes and take down or severely damage capital ships. Mag-launched bombs are the primary weapon of choice against stationary installations or planetary targets. Most of the Star states use light bombers since these ships are less expensive, easy to maintain and replace. To fit the role that design has to have the ability to carry at least one torpedo, sport heavy armor-plating, and point defense turrets. Regardless of being the most widely used type of strike craft, light bombers are never sent to take out the beefiest of targets. They are best employed to raid enemy supply lines, attacking convoys of slow-moving transports. With its range and speed, this type of strike craft has a better chance of staying in the operation area for longer periods of time and escaping from convoy escorts after his attack run. The "proper" bomber design also has long range but lacks the speed to chase after the nimble, small transports. Designed to carry a lot of torpedoes this craft is best used to take down big capital ships.

Bombers were never intended to win beauty pageants.

Terran bombers are rarely light. Contrary to popular alien strategic doctrines, only colonists employ light bombers. CN bomber squadrons consist entirely of medium bombers. Such can carry up to four torpedoes, multiple mag-launched bombs and even anti-capital ship cannons. Terran bombers are built around a laser, railgun or plasma cannon, with torpedo hardpoints safely shielded under their armor-plating. They, of course, are equipped with multiple point defense turrets that cover all possible angles of enemy attack. In battle, the Terran bomber often uses its torpedoes to soften the target before moving in closer and finishing the job with its long cannon. CN squadrons follow the tried and tested tradition of having support craft flying either in the bomber formation or closely behind. Those vary between re-fitted shuttlecraft, dropships, or even small transports who provide immediate rearm, refuel and on the spot patchwork repairs. As such, the CN bomber squadrons often act independently from their carrier vessels. That allows Terran commanders to be more flexible in their choice of battlefield tactics. 

Heavy armor and a lot of guns -this is what you want in a bomber.

Regardless of their size or armament, bombers are a dangerous opponent and not to be underestimated. An apt commander always keeps his bomber squadrons in reserve and ready to stab his opponent's jugular. CN tactics sometimes require that their bombers perform long-range strike ops against distant targets. Which they are experts in pulling off, sometimes landing back on their carriers decks on fumes.

"Time to weep, time to howl out in terror! The Terrans are coming and their bombers carry swarms of torpedoes with our starship names written on the tip of their warheads!"

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