I'm not one to talk about myself, so. Some Unfunny dumbass Puerto Rican on the web.

I create long form videos researching topics from government to anything else.

To help people get the services and resources they need to get to be a better place concerning their mental health. With Youtube, here on minds, and the website: Learning about the history of mental health, psychology, treatments, and such.

She cooks She cleans Shes a programming genius 32DDDs of pleasure 6" of pain

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hacker. writer. video essayist. anarcho-capitalist. voluntaryist. obsoletist. "Censorship is always cause for celebration. It is always an opportunity because it reveals fear of reform. It means that the power position is so weak that you have got to care what people think." --Julian Assange

Tortoise whisperer, planet hunter, cyber medic, paid volunteer, defender of critical thought

OneSipeNFTart is a modern art studio based in Norway. I'm a crypto enthusiasts. I share here fresh news. Follow me. And you'll also find my latest articles on Cryptocurrencies and the future of digital currency technology! I am interested as always in sharing new cryptocurrency information (how it works, some cool features that people are building with them…) to other users: from advanced investors to casual folks who just like showing off their rigs around at home. Please be sure your security needs do not get too low or there will usually only one way to see this article… but please click below for each link listed so we can discuss how these "hot" technologies might impact our daily lives sooner or later. Thanks very much!! :) My Referral Links @onesipenftart : Instagram, Twitter, Medium, Reddit, Opeansea, Nifty, Rarible, FB, TikTok, YouTube #nfts #nftcommunity #bch #cryptocurrencyes #miner #bounty #crypto #eth #bitcoin #airdrops #freebitcoin #tokens #metaverse #earnmoney #blockchain #ethereum #monero #litecoin #bch #cryptocurrencyes #mint #bounty

Moderate 2A liberal 👀 the left 🚚 off a fucking cliff, Hur/Dur, Amateur Comic (#P2IByBHL), YTber, Memer

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