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Peace Love and Empathy 🙈🙉🙊 Welcome friends @MINDS I hope you enjoy my channel. If you like something, please feel free to remind, I will return favor when possible. 😊 I devote a lot of time sharing a favorite Artist, George Redhawk. MINDS Click 'posts' in # search to find all tagged posts; #GeorgeRedhawk #Art #TheRedhawkEffect You can get to know him here, https://youtu.be/mvvnUx9iOv0?t=81 I love his work. I also like to (brag) share some of my talented daughter Charli's Tattoo art. Of course I am very proud, but Charli is an amazing and accomplished Artist in her own right. ❤️ To check out her work find her here; In (posts) when you click on a tagg (#) #charlifaure #charlifauretattoo #charlifury #charlifurytattoo https://www.facebook.com/InevitableFuryArtwork/ I love to find the best in people. I chose not to share my political opinions here and am not biased by yours. Wall of Honor @Milica42 @teklordz @Infinite2d @maddforit @Netjr @GreenDeen @ladyhug @Shannon222 @blujimbo @RedDragonLS @Acratopotes @Overrun @MariPia @Secftblgirl @gingered @JaeNet

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Jun 2018
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