Ethno nationalist, Aryan European spiritualist, Vril astral traveler.

I'm new to the site, so please bear with me while I try to put together something that resembles a profile. Like many of you, I heard about this site from some of the people that I follow on YouTube.

République du Québec!Je me souviens,de qui Je suis !!!!''Le devoir d'un Patriote''!!!L 'Action va s' enclencher, réunissons nous tous pour le Québec libre et laïque !!!!

Ethno nationalist, NS, fuck the word anti semitism. My goal to expose the parasitic inhuman rulers of the world.

First of all; The New Testament KJV audio, free: Now, I do not believe we should hate ALL JEWS or ALL anybody. Don't hate. However the terms anti-semitism and conspiracy theory are bull$hit words that gets thrown at the TRUTH way too often in an attempt to discredit: people, otherwise UNDENIABLE facts and OBVIOUS conspiracies. One of the tricks (((they))) use is convincing us that speaking the truth and hating are the same thing. They are not, they are mutually exclusive concepts. When you realize that, then the social conditioning behind the term ''anti semitism'' is no longer a weapon they can use against you. ***And as far as all these so-called White Nationalist Christians are concerned let's be very clear; Christianity is for ALL RACES, NATIONS AND PEOPLES. I've read the entire New Testament and it says this DIRECTLY and INDIRECTLY many many times! All who truly follow Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ are born again in Christ. I'm all for race realism and calling out Zionism, however, Christ has his arms open and calls all His true followers to him.*** One of the longest running shows discussing Jewish domination of Western politics and the negative impact of Jewish policies on Western civilization. Live every Thursday at 6:00 p.m. EDT Live every Saturday at 10:00 a.m. EDT

Jan 2018
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