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Specialising in design, implementation and evaluation of blockchain-enabled systems. Telegram: @CorlynneO Medium: Twitter: Uptrennd: Topics Blockchain scalability, I'm studying the ability for participants in a blockchain network to process and store a large number of transactions. Speed of transaction throughput is often measured in transactions per second (TPS) and the size of a blockchain is measured in bytes of storage required. Showcasing blockchain interoperability, I write about different blockchain platforms that communicate and transact with one another. Tokenisation and Investing, I look at projects that enable accessible investing through decentralized financial technology (DeFi) and a a focus on property technology (PropTech) #blockchain #bitcoin #cryptocurrency #crypto #ethereum #btc #trading #cryptonews #blockchaintechnology #bitcoinnews #investment #cryptotrading #bitcoins #altcoin #fintech #investing #startup #ai #cryptoworld #cryptoinvestor
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I love cryptocurrency and i do ICO reviews on new and exciting blockchain projects. I share my personal view based on the data i could find. Follow me for your daily ICO Reviews.
Jul 2018
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