Honkey Kong
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I'm just here for the lolz.
Post throwback pics of stuff you saw growing up. Anything from 1950 to Early 2000s.
An unaffiliated subdivision of Meme Supreme Formerly Chuck's.
Taking over Minds with cuties with guns NOTE: If you post things unrelated to the group that have nothing to do with hot women with firearms it will be deleted and you banned from the group.
Poetry only, ideally your own work.
A Free Place: -To Store New Ideas for Memes. -To Laugh at the Stupidity. -To Make Requests of Ducks. Duck Quacks Don't Echo Here Either....
Reclaim our culture. Reclaim our heritage. Reclaim our birthright. Reclaim the Holy Land? Deus Vult!
The place to go when you realize you are not a meme lord
An unaffiliated and certainly unauthorized rip-off of MemeSupreme for Dog Memes.
!Fresh Memes Only! Make Your Own Jokes You Lazy Frickin' Noodle-Humans! Test your memes against the Interim Council of Elder Shit-Wizards! If we've seen it before, we'll delete it! Fresh or GTFO! d:-D
Final Re-incarnation of Dank Only Members only/Invitation only Memepage / Confessional : You were personally invited to come here, to separate yourself from the mundane reposted keyboard warrior bullshit and quickly scroll thru the cream of the crop over the top posts. Many of the posts will be classics from the *Glory Days of previous versions.Also this is a meme group, not a debate group. Plenty of other places on the internet to argue with each other. We will be the only ones here, there will be no crossposting spacecash whores. cover anything that would be considered NSFW that's what fucked the last version of this page...rebooted 814Sat2021 #FlamewarsConfessionalRebooted
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Jan 2018
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