I'm an artist who draws whatever she wants. @appabend is my Senpai Shota.
location_onLos Angeles

I'm a dude who makes videos, artwork, and games. Discord Server : https://discord.gg/HQSaWCyaNQ

Just an American woman (mostly European with some Indofijian/Hindustani Fijian/Fiji Indian and mild amount of indigenous American). A girly tomboy. True Neutral/Chaotic Good and 21+ years old. I'm a ex-AntiTrump. I'm neutral about Trump (not a fan of him BTW). Also an IRL aunt. I also like memes. Memes are both a blessing and a curse. Watch out for anything NSFW along the way! My Carrd is https://ishrablackwolf.carrd.co

I like video games, anime, and waifus. That is all. Also, I hate authoritarians who want to control everything and erase freedoms and waifus.

Kick gum and chew ass Tomboy enthusiast Just another wannabe video editor/photographer/shitposting weeb

Preferred Pronouns: pino/chet GamerGate defender. Pro Life. Flat Lives Matter supporter. Anti-MAP. NRx Anarcho-Monarchist. Misogynist. Proud Copperhead. I Remind Alot.

Warning: 🔞Lewds and political hot takes abound, but always with love~ @nicole22185 is mine❤️❤️❤️ 光復香港,時代革命

You only know my name, not my story ✔️

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Just a guy who makes stupid dumb videos on YouTube. Migrated just to be safe. Locked for being a shota, striked for sharing memes, an e-celeb apparently. DM is open for free PC building tips and anything else. @6t76t ara ara me every night.

Los Angeles
Jan 2017
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