Hi, we are Butterz and Minka! We want to spread the message worldwide that animals deserve the dignity and humanity that humans take for granted. We hope that you will feel the heart and soul that we have to offer. Bio: Butterz is our little bundle of joy, half chihuahua and half pomeranian. Originating from Richmond, BC, this male pomchi was born on April 1, 2010; thus we call him our April Fools pup. But there's nothing foolish when it comes to how much cuteness and love he offers. While he remains shy most of the time, he is gentle and friendly to people and dogs as well. Minka is our active and adventurous little firecracker. She is a pure chihuahua and was born in Chilliwack, BC on December 1, 2014. Minka shows no fear and will approach people with open arms, or in her case, open tongue with her endless licks and kisses.
location_onVancouver, BC, Canada

Award winning animal artist & sculptor based in the UK

I live in the bush on property. I treasure family. I’m sick to the back teeth of political correctness. I own several firearms and love to shoot. Believe it or not, it relaxes me. I have Fibromyalgia. I have 2 dogs a blue heeler- zuni and a Jack Russell x Maltise -Snuggles. I really dislike: folks that lie, gossip, continuously moan but never try to make positive change...rats on wheels, squeaking squeaking...... I am not a third wave feminist and I don’t subscribe to the “toxic masculinity” lies they peddle to degrade men. I like Alex Jones and don’t care who knows. I don’t subscribe to the ‘never Trumpers’ legacy media and their twisted lies. ANTIFA sux! I’m a girly girl with a few twists and I love pretty shiny things 🤗😍😘

((((((......)))))) I believe that universe is within us. The magic of vibrations, frequency, angle, number, darkness, fire, air, earth, water, light is blessing me with amazing life. Thanks again universe..;) ----------------------------------------------- New on Minds.com please start here https://www.minds.com/register?referrer=Cropower

HI! We are siblings that share love for our dog Pollo, foods , art and whatever catch up our attention.

Vancouver, BC, Canada
Jul 2020
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