I had a previous account on here. which i couldn't get back into so i started a new one. i collect legos and play disc golf. you got to have hobbies.
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Proud American. College graduate. I take time to learn a variety of topics and spend a lot of time reading books. The best therapy in my opinion is working out. I look for the good in others and encourage everyone to improve themselves.

A band of Hillsdale College alumni determined to build a new unifying political narrative. Check out our weekly podcast & join in on the discussions.

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Please do not send me tokens, visiting my channel is thanks enough if you come looking for tokens, you are looking in the wrong place, minds.com is no longer doubling them, so I am not getting as many to pass out, sorry

I'm an immensely multifaceted, multidimensional, and multifarious Techno-Hippie, Mystic Scientist, Integral Evolutionary Nexus, Integral Tantric Healer, Conspiracy Realist, Social Media Viral Activist, Meme Master, Alchemist, and Goddess Worshiper, with a kaleidoscope of deep interests, loves, passions, missions, and purposes, here on Earth at this potent time of Transition and Awakening, with my Soul Tribe, and many like us, to help ground a new higher-level-functioning energy; to help birth The New Humanity/New Earth. I'm here for The Great Awakening. I live barefooted and naked in Nature, in a clothing-optional, off-grid intentional community, way out in the jungles of Lower Puna, on the Eastern tip of the Big Island of Hawai'i. While it is very challenging, for multiple reasons, I could not imagine, and would not want to live any other way, as I am living closer to how I actually want to live than ever before in my life.

Hater of things Liberal & Cuckservative! All Deplorables/Patriots Welcome. PC-Free/No Filter Zone. #NoMask #Conservative #Constitution #ProLife US Navy Veteran. ⚓ PRO Constitutional Rights μολὼνλαβέ

California, United States
Jan 2021
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