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Community Rewards Campaign

zenswapnetworkSep 13, 2018, 3:47:14 PM

The Biggest Campaign Has Arrived!!!

Zenswap Network is not just a community-driven but also a community-focused project. All campaigns we launch is always a way to reward the community with their help to drive the project forward. With our most awaited Community Rewards Campaign, up to a total of 1,000,000,000 ZNT tokens will be given away. In this campaign, we give early stage and new members of the family an opportunity to get their reward for our social channels to grow and help spread our presence to a wide range of audiences and possible supporter.

In able to be eligible for a reward, a supporter needs to collect points by doing a number of tasks. The more task you complete, the more points you get. And your points will be used to determine how much ZNT tokens you will receive from the ZNT pool reward.

The ZNT reward will be determined by this formula:
My Reward = Reward Pool x (Your Points / Total Campaign Points)

Pool Reward is determined based on total campaign points:

100,000 points below = 100 million ZNT Reward Pool
200,000 points below = 250 million ZNT Reward Pool
300,000 points below = 400 million ZNT Reward Pool
400,000 points below = 600 million ZNT Reward Pool
500,000 points below = 800 million ZNT Reward Pool
500,001 points above = 1 billion ZNT Reward Pool

Sample Computation:

The reward pool is 800 million ZNT, your sample points is 1800 and sample total campaign points 450000.
My Reward = 800,000,000 ZNT x ( 1800/450000 )
My Reward = 3,200,000 ZNT

Complete as many tasks as you can to earn points. You are free to choose what task you want. You can skip other tasks if you can't do it or not applicable to you.

Fill this Form:

Stay tuned on our communication channels on updates of distribution.

Good luck!!!