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Extreme/Art Punk Winter/Christmas Writing Contest (Winner gets 16 tokens; runner up 8; 1000 to 7k words; Read Blog For Details)

Xylen RobertsDec 8, 2021, 8:53:46 PM

So I'm starting my own writing contest. Lets just say a certain other someone on here who does one and I don't see eye to eye, so nothing like a little free market competition, eh? Libertarianism. baby! So here's the layout...

Write a 1000 (minimum) to 7000 (max) word short story (or epic poem if you prefer) with a winter or a Christmas theme in which Christmas Lights play a factor. Its that simple. LAter on down the line, I'll get more crazy with the suggestions, but for now its 'Christmas Lights' lol. The crazier, more surreal, offensive, politically incorrect, bizarre the better! The more DONT GIVE A FUCK and PUNK ROCK your writing is, THE BETTER! FUCK IT! And I'm being very generous with the tokens cuz I"M A FUCKING MADMAN!!! 16 tokens to the first place! 8 tokens for second place! 4 for third place and honorable mentions beyond that. Everyone has until Sunday the 19th to get it to me (so a week and a half to work on it) and the winners will be announced on my Christmas Show Livestream on Tuesday, December 22nd, 8pm EST on D Live Xylen_Roberts · DLive  and JoshWhoTV: (joshwhotv.com) . Here is the offical event invite post: https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/1317048384237867017   

So that's it. Let me see what you can do, folks ;) 

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