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Reveal The Pattern (My New Album)

Xylen RobertsNov 30, 2019, 3:50:54 AM

Reveal The Pattern is the latest album from eclectic, uncategorizable redpill singer/songwriter/rapper/multi-instrumentalist/producer /comedian /writer Xylen Roberts. Whereas his previous album The Simplicius Complex was a collection of relatively short and straight forward experimental hiphop and art pop songs, Reveal The Pattern is an album of long electronic art rock epics. Oh the rapping is still there at times, intertwined with the singing on tracks such as the neosoul art rap rock epic 'Suicided' or the Dalek meets Immortal Technique industrial rap of 'False Flags Are For Fags'. But the album also explores goth tinged big beat style electronica ('Two Trains, Two Wolves'), Korn meets Living Colour avant-funk ('They Live Glasses'), progressivish art rock ('Banned From Bandcamp'), trip hoppin' extraterrestrial dub ('Alien Psyop'), and the art poppin' art rockin' progressive house shmouse of the epic title track.

The lyrics, much like the last several albums, are of course thematically conscious, with a further emphasis on redpill politics since becoming a conservative in 2017. Xylen tackles everything from the suspected murder of Isacc Kappy and other prominent whistleblowers celebs on 'Suicided', alien psyop conspiracy theories (on the aptly titled 'Alien Psyop'), how an sjw hater got his old Bandcamp terminated ('Banned From Bandcamp'), police state propoganda/RFID chipping ('They Live Glasses'), false flags ('FfafF'), and many other topics. Enjoy! Coming soon to limited run cassette and cd-r release. Stay tuned. 

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