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Parasitic Deranged Troll Impersonates Me, Cyberstalks Me, Threatens To Steal My Work And Release It As His Own

Xylen RobertsDec 10, 2019, 6:32:25 PM

*This is a re do of a blog I made yesterday because there was a problem with it and it wouldn't let me re-edit.

So here's what happened: Someone trashed my new album under a fake alias. After a heated back and forth, this person got butthurt after I basically exposed them for being a no talent, worthless worm of a person who only trashes other people's art to make themselves feel better. Then I basically said that I was not going to waste anymore time with him because, like Kanye says 'I don't take advice from anyone less successful than me." , especially if they are some nobody troll just there to spread hate and negativity. This MAY BE the same guy who already reported my YouTube last year, resulting in it permanently getting shadowbanned, one video demonetized and recently an entire video being removed. Then he got my last Bandcamp (Telestic Records) terminated over a technicality. Of course, that may have been Mister Hodgkins. But, irregardless, they're back for more. These rat bastards are seriously obsessed with me. But one of them just fucked up in a major way.

He basically just admitted PUBLICALLY that he was going to steal my copyrighted work, alter it slightly, parody it, and try to market it to see if 'he could get more popular peddling it than I would'. All the while, not giving me any credit whatsoever, I might add. I KID YOU NOT. He deleted the comment but thankfully I screenshotted the image before he could, so now I have him on record admitting to a crime. If he attempts it, he WILL be sued and possibly put in jail. I have the evidence. A dedicated IT guy can look into the parody alias he used (Xylitol Stevens lol) or any others of his and determine that it is in fact him. So if he attempts this, I WILL first report the work on whatever sites he uploads to (as most sites have All Rights Reserved laws and easy ways to report fraud) and, additionally, SUE his dumbass if need be. My uncle is a judge and my parents have successfully won MANY lawsuits in the past so this WILL definitely happen if he attempts this. It is 100 percent illegal for someone to steal another person's work and pass it off as their own. Obviously this retard is not aware of the law. Stay tuned. Here is a snapshot of the public admission of a future crime before he deleted it down below:

Here is the impersonation account he created (https://www.minds.com/xylitol_stevens/). He has done this before and been banned from Minds in the past:

If you check the very first picture in which he initially threatens to steal my work, you see that he references his alter ego Cuban Pete, the reviewer from the picture above.

I have some pretty good leads as to who is doing this but the issue has been reported to the police now and is under investigation, so I'm keeping it to myself for now. Whoever it is, they are also guilty of cyberstalking because they have followed me through an endless stream of aliases to harass me including Xylitol Stevens (and other variation parodies of my name), Cuban_Pete, and others. But whoever it is, they finally crossed the line and I am getting the law involved now. Cyberstalking is a serious crime punishable by fines, restraining orders, and possibly jail time. And he threatened to steal my work, which will be double crime if he goes through with it. Game over, bitch!


PS: Some other examples of him harassing me before his MonkeyBones profile got deleted: