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Looking to Release A Compilation of Minds based Musicians/Bands on My Bandcamp

Xylen RobertsMar 9, 2019, 11:22:04 PM

That's pretty much the long short of it. I want to release a compilation album sometime this year of my favorite independent musicians/bands that I have found on here (and maybe a few outside of Minds). The compilation would be released at Avadhuta Records (avadhutarecords.bandcamp.com), the little record label I run with my friend Russ. Eventually this may lead to us releasing some stuff on the label that's not our individual projects, who knows. I have a lot on my plate but this could potentially happen at some point. But I do know that I want to do this compilation at least. If it works out, this may become a yearly thing. Any genre is welcome: electronica, singer-songwriter, art rock, hiphop, whatever. If you're interested, PM me. And then you can decide what you feel is a song that best represents your work and send it my way. We will work out later a method for sending them to me, perhaps the Cloud. Spread the word. See ya later bitches!

Note: Neo-Nazi themed music of any kind will not be accepted. This includes Fashwave, far right martial industrial and Nazi Punk. I realize there is a bit of a gray area with some of this music. Stuff that is simply politically incorrect is perfectly fine. So a song in which someone says 'ni**er' ironically or in an absurdist context is fine. A song going on a diatribe about the superiority of one race of person over another is not, I don't care if its some white Nationalist shit or some Hotep thing. You guys can start your own far right website for that. Sound good? Alllllrighty then!