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Norse mythology Long read: Thor and the Midgard Serpent:

TheNuttyViking aka AstridFeb 22, 2020, 6:09:21 PM

One day, Thor and Tyr went to visit the giant Hymir. When the host watched Thor devour two huge oxen for dinner, he concluded that he would have to go fishing the next day. Thor decided to accompany his host and provide a helping hand, but he was asked to secure his own bait. Therefore, the thunder god slew Himinbrioter (“the heaven breaker”), his host’s largest ox. He chopped off the ox’s head, put it in the boat and began rowing.

As they were going further and further out to sea, the giant told Thor that they had long passed the usual fishing ground, but the god paid no attention to him. Hymir pointed out that they might be in danger should they come across the great Midgard Serpent far out at sea. Thor ignored him and kept rowing until he figured they had to be right above the great snake.

Thor purposely aimed for Jormugandr when he baited his hook with the head of the ox. While the thunder god was busy with his hook, the giant fished two whales which he imagined would suffice for breakfast. Then, Thor once again ignored the suggestion of his host to return while he waited a little longer for Jormugandr to take the bait. The giant did not like the idea, but he had to comply. Soon, Thor felt a jerk and pulled as hard as he could.

A terrible storm started out of nowhere and, judging by the resistance of his prey, Thor understood that he had caught the Midgard Serpent. Trying to get Jormugandr out of the water, Thor’s braced feet went through the boat and, finally, after a lot of struggling, the head of the Midgard Serpent appeared at the surface. Thor took his hammer and got ready to hit the snake, but the terrified giant cut the fishing line in order to prevent the boat from sinking.

Jormugandr dropped back to the bottom of the sea, while the angry Thor dealt Hymir a blow with his hammer for making him lose his prey. The blow knocked the giant overboard and he had to swim ashore and wait for Thor to bring the boat with the two whales back to the beach. Once they met, they took the whales and the boat and returned home to eat.