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Minds the Future of Social Media

VileTruthFeb 12, 2019, 6:56:50 PM

I have not been an active user on any social media site since 2016. After serving several "Facebook Prison" sentences and Twitter suspensions for merely speaking my mind and posting centrist opinions and memes, I became tired of the constant judgment from the platform members, and the left-leaning bias that was obvious within their staff. I was a voluntary outcast when it came to Social Media of the modern age, and honestly, I was okay with it. I read my favorite news articles, watch myself some independent journalism on YouTube, but something was missing. My memes had become outdated, and if I made my own, I didn't have a place to post them so others could enjoy. This was when I decided to look into Minds.com.

Minds was launched in June 2015 and is an open source free speech oriented social networking site. As of August 2018 minds has 1.25+ million registered users and every day that the monopoly organizations like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram remove users for unjust causes, Minds continues to grow. The one of a kind social media site rewards the community with ERC-20 Minds Tokens for staying active on the platform, this in itself is one of the unique experiences for those coming from social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Bill Ottman who is the founder and CEO of Minds takes an active role on Minds.com, and it is not uncommon to see the @ottman pop up on your notifications, as he is continually liking, rewinding, and commenting on community members pages. This may not seem uncommon to those that currently use the top social media platforms, but on minds the whole feeling is different.

Why is Minds.com so different? Well, I'm glad that you asked that question. If you are currently an active user on Minds.com, you have this feeling of getting into a new company on the ground floor. The simple fact that Bill Ottman who is the founder and CEO of the company is available to you through messenger is something that most individuals have never experienced on any of the other social media platforms that are available today. Moreover, it's not just Bill who is available, the other founders of the company are also available and willing to share, and speak to you.

Furthermore, the entire feeling while you are using Minds.com is far different than any other platform I have used. The community is tight-knit and wants to help your channel grow because they love your contributions, and they love earning tokens to help grow their channel. Any community member can use the tokens they earn to upgrade their channel to Plus status, Boost content, Wire tokens to other channels to support their work, or use the tokens for Minds web hosting. Due to these options, each member can grow their channel and voice completely organically based on how much they contribute, or they have the option to buy tokens outright to gain a more significant following and grow their channel faster.

Lastly, one of the most significant differences that you immediately notice is the free speech that is allowed on Minds.com. The entire platform is built to allow individuals to be precisely that, individuals. On any given day you will find some of the dankest memes, beautiful photography, Original artwork, thought-provoking blogs, and a constant source of up to date news for every political spectrum to enjoy.

Minds is different because its users are different. The community cares about others free-speech just as much as their own. The community isn't shocked to see differentiating opinions thrown at them from all directions, and I have never witnessed anyone come after someone just because of a difference of opinion. These reasons are what makes Minds.com different than any other social media platform that you have ever used, and this is why Minds is the platform that will be used in the future.