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The Reji Mercenary Company Profile

Vault KoboldJun 27, 2019, 7:38:00 PM

"Who did you want to know about, the Reji company? Ah, the Reji company huh. You don't want to know anything else except the fact they are a bunch of crazy Terrans for hire. Nah, nothing minor like escorting a supply run or picking a fight with some small time nobody. The Reji don't play around and they cost more creds then you are willing to part with most of the time. They only take the big jobs, we're talking about planet grabbing and all out war. Well, at least a small one, and the price isn't always just regular pay, no, sometimes they want things. Salvage, tech, or even information. You never really know what their real goals are or why they asked you for that extra pay but you can bet it's not something easy or simple, otherwise what the hell would they need you to get it. But if you do manage to hire them, you can take it easy. They're Terrans and wicked ones at that. They'll blast an enemy fleet to shreds while stealing half their ships and all the letters to their sweet ones back home too. But you better damn well remember to pay them prompt and full or they'll collect interest. They make pirate and cartel folk look half reasonable and proper when their fuming." - from a rum soaked informant

The Reji mercenary company has a shrouded past, that few are willing to look into and none outside the company have found out. What is known of them is that they are Terran, for the most part. They do take in the odd alien mercenary, and are an extremely well trained and equipped group. They got noticed as a company by preying on pirates and cartel ships out in fringe space. At first, they were mistaken for a vigilante group of Terrans, taking on predatory enemies of their people. Only later did it become apparent that they only targeted these groups because no one would come to their aid and gaining favor with their traditional prey was to their advantage. As they grew and gained more resources, they became more organized and better equipped as they took advantage of their natural ability to modify and cannibalize captured enemy technology. Yet, stealing enemy resources and technology was limiting, somethings could only be accessed through legitimate channels and the market. So they transformed into a mercenary company seeking any and all work in fringe space. In this way, they would gain wealth and a reputation to leverage.

This went on for years. The company slowly grew and gained power. All resources were funneled back into their budding fleet and personnel. Until to the surprise of the galactic community the Reji company, at a rare grand clash between a major pirate fleet and an equally grand cartel fleet over disputed territory, unveiled their full might. The crown jewel of the Reji fleet, the IMS Magus, dropped in their midst and unleashed a swarm of customized Reji ships which the enemy had never seen before. The end result was, the IMS Magus and her fleet came out victorious, while the pirate and cartel fleets lay broken or rendered clouds of debris in space around them. This established the Reji company as a power to be noted, yet one with a price.

Reji company ships have since been the subject of both interest and fear. Terran ships already being unique and superior, under the Reji company were redesigned to serve for their own preferences. Uninterested in direct planetary affairs, all of their ships are specialized for deep space engagements. Giving their ships a universally streamlined design profile that minimizes target exposure and maximizes ship dimensions at the same time. Reji ships never have wings and skew towards greater interior space to fit various other features. They are also heavily influenced by the pirates they have hunted for so long, making nearly all their ships highly resistant or invisible to tracking technologies of all kinds. Another preference of Reji ships is their explosive rounds. Many ships have seen their shields and armor get worn away at alarmingly fast rates under a barrage of such rounds. While shields tend to suffer more, at times buckling due to an inability to compensate to the sudden rapid, random spread of damage, armor is more resistant, yet only when not under focus fire. Something the Reji are well aware of, having mastered the ability to focus in on specific locations repeatedly over multiple passes to drill through even the thickest armor or if in a pinch punch through with a well aimed missile.

Another aspect that enemies find both frustrating and difficult to deal with. Are the Reji have a distinct tendency towards trickery when they plan their battle tactics. While it is no secret that the Terrans hack and manipulate enemy systems during battle, the Reji take it a step further. They make use of their stealth ships, especially their scout fighters, to fire drone missiles which latch on to enemy ships. This allows the Reji to both track and corrupt the systems of the targeted ship or the mothership, once the target has returned after "escaping" from a Reji ambush. If this was not enough, the Reji make great use of all types of explosive ordinance and most of all mines. From simple smart munitions, which target pursuing ships, to drone mines that latch on to ships, seeking out prime locations to detonate themselves at. Such tactics and innovative use of technology coupled with their decentralized secretive nature, made the Reji company a power that few are willing to provoke openly. That also turned them into a group which the richest Terran corporations and even the CN were ready to pay big money for their services.

In the end, the Reji are not to be taken lightly and to many only spared for their usefulness. As some consider them a growing threat without the leash of loyalty or seemingly even greed to hold them. A bitter thought when one thinks of what grand price would need to be paid to be rid of them once and for all.


This is a fanfic based off Aragmar aka Black Knight's Starshatter book series. You can find him here on Minds and his books on Amazon. Feel free to comment on my amateur writing skills. ;)