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this one took a long time to make. but I finally took the time to work on this concept I had for quite some time now. But I wanted to make a visual presentation of what it actuality means to have on;y 1 child. When you really think about it it makes a lot of sense you replace 2 people for 1 so it’s a 50% decrease. I know real live is more varied than that. But I hear a lot of people around me who don’t want to have kids. And so mush so that it made me think about it form time to time. And side note this must make clear that there is nothing sustainable about a 1 child policy. You can see with this small sample that is just to rapidly decrease a population. And something else that made me make this is the in tire over population BS. I mean it’s so contradictory with what I see and hear around me. And they literally telling Europe,Japan are decreasing rapidly. So it all doesn't make any sense. The system is so broken, it’s really time for people to reclaim there neutral rights. And get out of this fake scarcity matrix #depopulation #tnswo #art
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nice combination of a speech from David Foster Wallace and illustrations. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OsAd4HGJS4o
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