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Ufem ObasiJun 17, 2020, 7:39:57 AM

Many believe only working so hard is what will make one prosper in life. Though, It's a good thing not to be lazy but a bad thing to be because hands that doesn't work shouldn't eat..that was what God's words said.

But don't let us forget about showing kindness and support to people in need despite working hard to make ends meets. Have observed many having the perception of...it's not easy to make this money and that's why they are stingy in rendering help to people in need. The truth is, such person is only obstructing his/her blessing from God to fall in.

Everyone will always be in need even the rich people. Everyone want or need something. The wealthy people of today, go check their history you will see it's not just by hardworking but also giving alms to the poor or people who need help.

When you give, your hand will always be on top which means, you will always have more and also be blessed. Stinginess is a way to poverty.

Cultivate the habit of given today and blessings of God shall locate you in no time.

Stay blessed!