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[Watch] Bear Saves Tiny Bird From Drowning In Pool

Truth?Aug 26, 2016, 6:28:27 PM

By Amanda Froelich

Posted on June 13, 2016

Oftentimes, animals are captured on film being far more compassionate than humans.

Every day, new stories surface which inform readers on the empathic qualities of various types of animals. From an orangutan who humorously interacts with his zoo visitors to a gorilla named Harambe who cared for a little boy until he was shot, it seems clear that animals are far more intelligent and aware than humans give them credit for.

Now, a video of a bear compassionately assisting a bird in an act of kindness has made headlines.

The Dodo relays that the footage, which was captured in 2014 in Hungary, shows a curious brown bear saving a very frightened crow who fell into the pool. When the clip begins, the little bird is already quite waterlogged, attempting to flap his wings and exit the pool.

That’s when the humble brown bear, who had been watching the bird’s plight, lumbers over to the tank. He dips his paw into the pool, grabs hold of the soaking bird, and in what appears to be a gentle-for-a-bear sort of way, pulls the stunned bird out of the water and dumps him on the ground.

Then, seemingly satisfied, the bird returns to munching carrots.

Unfortunately, the crow’s fate is unknown. As many spectators have commented, it is possible the bird’s wing was broken by the bear’s efforts. Regardless, it is still heartening to see compassion exhibited by life forms humans deem to be less sentient.

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