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20 images of people that don't give a sh!t about your rules.

Truth?Sep 2, 2016, 6:45:30 PM

Nothing wrong with breaking the rules from time to time.  Throughout history, the balance of order and chaos has played itself out within our human experience.  We have no rules, so we make them for everyone's sake.  Then, there comes a time when that rule makes no sense to follow; someone breaks it.  They're a rebel; we cherish those kinds of rebels.

Compiled by community members at Bored Panda, these are the ones that made the list.

#1 1950's Anarchists



#2 Catch Me If You Can, Dr. Hedgehog



#3 Irish Anarchist



#4 Some Company Employees Took A Stapler From The Inventory To A World Tour



#5 In The Truest Sense



#6 Natural-born Anarchist



#7 This Is What Nonverbal Communication Looks Like



#8 God Save The Queen



#9 English Badass



#10 You Are Welcome



#11 Do Not Flip



#12 And Now You Taunt Me?



#13 Please Do Not Waste Toner



#14 No



#15 First World Anarchist



#16 The Audacity Of This Guy



#17 We Adopted Barry And This Was What He Did On His First Walk



#18 Goats Are Jerks



#19 I Noticed An Odd Sign At Work And Decided To Do What It Takes To Break All The Rules



#20 First World Anarchist