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One Minute Ponder!

trungtran1231Jun 26, 2018, 2:53:11 AM

Seven principles of work should also remember !

principle 1: The job does not keep people relaxed , the group does not raise lazy people.

principle 2: In a work unit, do not just focus on making money, first learn how to make yourself worth the money.

principle 3: No industry is easy to make money.

principle 4: Work, no place is favorable, inhibited frustration is normal.

principle 5:

Not earning money, get knowledge.

If you do not gain knowledge, you gain experience.

Not earning experience, earning experience.

When you get the stuff, do not be afraid to make money.

principle 6: Only when we change our attitude can we change our position in society. It is only when we change our working attitude that we get a high position in our profession.

principle 7: Cause people to feel vague only one. It is in the years that we should strive, so work hard, we think too much, but do too little!

Always remember: Work with the mind!

Source: Tony buổi sáng .