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Tips for Finding the Right DNA Testing Laboratory

toplabtestingsolutionsFeb 24, 2019, 11:10:01 PM

Many labs undertake DNA testing, but you have to be careful to select the one that will give you excellent services. Look at the following considerations when picking the right lab.

Identify the number of markers that are tested by the particular number. It should have at least 15 markers to ensure there is enhanced accuracy. You will need a lab where you are assured of getting highly accurate results. Do check this company for info. 

Check whether they have accreditation from AABB. The ones that are accredited by this organization strictly follow the testing procedures laid down and thus you can expect to get high quality results. AABB carries out a thorough audit to ensure that the correct guidelines are followed. Check whether they have an ISO certification.

Ask about the fee of the DNA test. Paternity labs price their tests differently. Some may advertise low fees, but they may have other additional fees which may cause the price to skyrocket. You must inquire properly to prevent getting into a shock. Check the labs which allow a mom to participate without charging more fees. It should be noted that biological mothers assist in ensuring that the test produces conclusive results. You can get an affordable lab that will give you reliable results and thus you have to look around. Do check info on Consolidated Lab Testing now. 

Find a lab that will not expose your results to a third party without your authorization. It essential to know the method they use in sending the lab report to the client. Some use email of the client while others use postal mails which are not marked. Credible labs don’t give the results over the phone as they may not know who is speaking on that line.

Even though the labs use advanced technology, the results still take time. You need to take a paternity test in a lab with favorable turnaround time. Select those that promise on delivering the results within two days after they get the samples. You can also find labs whose results are out in a day, but one is expected to pay a higher fee. It appropriate to find a lab which sends a DNA kit complete with instructions. Find those that send the kit within 24 hours after placing an order.

Check the online reviews. See the lab with the most positive comments. You should also look at the traffic on their site. You can trust a lab which has a large following as its excellent services be the main motivation. Here's how accurate DNA tests are: https://youtu.be/dekUMmiWdks