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TodolomejorNov 2, 2022, 9:58:07 PM

My first review on Minds was for the first book in the Starshatter series. I am now awaiting book eight. I still haven't written a review for book seven because it is epic. It is long and contains so much; it deserves a well-written review. While you are waiting for that, you can read my most recent Starshatter post: Why you should read the Starshatter series I am not a fan of science fiction per se. I don't generally read the genre. I haven't followed Star Trek, or even watched more than the first Star Wars, but I love the Starshatter series and I would like to tell you one of the reasons why. Yes, they are fun and action packed, but the main reason I love them is due to the characters. They are brave and persistant and Loveable. I would say they are very human, but not all of them are. In Black Knight's (@aragmar) first book, he introduces each main character. One chapter per character lays out their backstories and shows why they fight so fiercely against evil and injustice. This book is not like the others but it's important because these characters will be your best friends as you read the series. You will root for them, cry with them, and laugh with them. You will read the entire series because you care about them and want to see them succeed. No matter what genre of fiction you prefer, I hope you'll give this series a try. Black Knight's charming Bulgarian-style storytelling and his incredibly detailed world make his characters come alive!

You can buy his books here and the anthology

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