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Social Distance And Mask For COVID-19 Is a MAJOR SCAM And A MYTH

TobiAug 1, 2020, 11:31:38 PM

Do masks and social distancing stop or slow the spread of coronavirus at all?

There are many states that have governors that clearly do not understand or has any knowledge about basic physics, microbiology or medicine that are making the wearing of masks to supposedly slow the spread of the Covid-19 (SARS-CoV-2). Will this work? The short answer is a BIG FAT NO, and masks can make the problem actually worse as well as lead to other problems. Let’s take a look at the facts that even most “health experts” also seem to not understand since they lack an education with science and medicine.

First of all most masks are not even form fitting. Most masks leave gaps around the nose, cheeks and chin. A basic physics lesson would teach these “health experts” that if one coughs or sneezes the gas and virus if present will simply jet out the path of least resistance. In other words all those gaps, shooting out various directions and this is basic physics and well-known fact!

For this same reason the 6 foot “social distancing” is just as much of a joke and utterly ridiculous. It has been determined that the virus can linger in the air for hours. Someone can sneeze or even cough and again the virus if present will simply jet out those gaps where the virus can linger for hours in aerosol. Someone can be a mile away and walk right in the path of that infectious aerosol where they suck that infectious aerosol in through the same exact gaps thus infecting the person.

if you take a look at the N95 masks even that, which are considered the most effective masks and are form fitting, do not and DOES NOT stop the virus whatsoever. These masks are designed to block tuberculosis bacteria and guess what? This bacteria is massively larger than the Covid-19 virus. The covid-19 virus is only 0.05 micrometers in size. Compare that to the tuberculosis mycobacterium, which is 0.2-0.5 micrometers. Therefore the holes in a n N95 mask are thousands of times larger than the virus and thus these masks do not stop passage of the Covid-19 virus in or out. This is as ridiculous as trying to hold back water by pouring it through a window screen which is HILARIOUS and utterly unscientific!

According to this study named as "Respiratory protection provided by N95 filtering facepiece respirators against airborne dust and microorganisms in agricultural farms" (1), it was determined that even N95 masks were ineffective against microbes less than 5 micrometers in size.

And you have this study "The efficacy of medical masks and respirators against respiratory infection in healthcare workers " (2) they mention findings in different studies with N95 masks showing NO DIFFERENCE in rate of viral infection between N95 masks and cloth masks, and in one study it was determined cloth hospital masks actually increased the rate of infection.

Medical personnel have been shown to be infected by viruses despite personal protection equipment including N95 masks and face shields (3).

When they combined various studies though they did determine there was some protection from viral infection by continual N95 mask use for droplet infection transmission. Sounds promising until you consider this was tested for droplet transmission, which is what is not what we need to be extremely worried about. What we need to worry about is the aerosol transmission for a couple of reasons. First of all droplets are larger and heavier and drop to the ground relatively quickly. On the other hand aerosols are much tinier in size, penetrate masks and mucous membranes more readily and can linger in the air for hours as well as travel in air currents again making social distancing worthless. Viral particles can also attack to dust particles allowing them to remain suspended in air for longer periods of time (3).

Some masks have added exhaust ports with no filtration. Again the aerosols will simply take the path of least resistance through those exhaust ports this is what people need to learn about the aerosols transmission, this is the one we should be truly worry about and know that wearing a mask and social distance with isolation is a BIG scam which I will explain in a bit.

A couple of companies are marketing masks infused with metals like silver or zinc or even copper. These are simply sales hype just like the PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test and antibody tests that are also sales hype too for causing false positive of COVID-19 and so on. For instance it was found that the virus has to in contact with copper for about 2 hours to destroy the virus. There is no evidence that any of these masks will protect you from viruses.

Even if these metals could rapidly destroy the virus or even if masks could stop inhalation of the virus this still does not prevent infection. It has been well known for many decades that viruses can readily enter the body through mucus membranes and that a common route of viral infection is through the eyes. Masks do not prevent the transmission of the virus through other mucus membranes such as the eyes.

Masks along with other common sources such as clothes and money do collect viral particles. When you get home, take off your mask and lay it down you are just contaminating other surfaces for yourself and others to get infected. Same with other contaminated objects.

Can wearing masks harm health?

Masks inhibit proper respiration, which can lead to health problems for various people. Especially many of those that are more prone to Covid-19 including those with COPD, congestive heart failure, diabetics, etc. This is because wearing masks promotes the inhalation of carbon dioxide and moisture being expelled from the lungs thereby reducing blood oxygen levels and increase the work load on the heart (4),(5),(6). This can be especially dangerous to certain individuals that already tend to have lower oxygen levels or impaired circulation. And is considered potentially dangerous in pregnant women (5).

Masks can also contribute to panic attacks in some individuals. One common reason for panic attacks is a buildup of lactate in the blood. Lactate levels are normally controlled by normal respiration as oxygen helps in the removal of excess lactate. Therefore, reducing oxygen levels by wearing a mask can lead to increased lactate triggering panic attacks in some individuals.

Headaches in medical personnel wearing N95 masks are suspected to possibly be occurring due to decreased oxygen levels and increased carbon dioxide levels (7).

What really surprises me is how most of these so-called ‘health experts” also seem to not understand the concept of how masks can increase the infectiousness of the virus. This actually runs along the same lines as to why so many people on ventilators are dying. This is not totally due to their diseases being advanced when the patients come in.

Viruses replicate once inside the body by using our own cells as “factories” to replicate themselves. One way the body tries to deal with pathogens in the body is to try and expel them.

In fact expulsion is an important means of the body trying to protect itself. If you have a stomach infection you may vomit as the body tries to expel pathogens and toxins. If you have an intestinal infection you get diarrhea as the body tries to expel pathogens and toxins. Tell me, would you collect your diarrhea and try to shove it back in? Of course not. Why? Because this is toxic garbage the body is trying to eliminate to protect itself.

When you cough or sneeze this is also the body trying to eliminate toxic pathogens and toxins. When you are wearing a mask you are simply inhaling these pathogens and toxins right back in to the body in this case increasing your viral load.

This can also help explain why people on ventilators tend to have such low survival rates. It is not simply these people have advanced levels of the disease to begin with. Ventilators are forcing the viral particles the body is trying to expel to reduce their viral load right back down in to the lungs exacerbating their conditions.

There is another health risk the so-called “medical experts” clearly never learned about in medical school. It is well known that the presence of moisture helps promote the growth of bacteria, mold and fungi. When we wear a mask we are exhaling moisture and pathogens that coat the inside of the mask where the pathogens can rapidly multiply from the moisture that we then inhale back in to our lungs. Pathogens can also come from external sources as most masks are not sterile to begin with and many pathogens are floating around in the air contaminating surfaces such as the inside of masks, which again with the moisture from our breath speeds reproduction of these pathogens increasing the risk of infections.

Masks and social distancing are not the answer to combating Covid-19. It has already been shown in New York that the vast majority of serious cases of Covid-19 infection are coming from home isolations. Various factors can play a role here including increased stress reducing immunity, decreased physical activity decreasing immunity, increased weight gain contributing to health issues including diabetes and heart disease, circulation of infected air by air conditioners and fans, decreased immune modulating vitamin D levels, etc.

In addition, isolating people is interfering with the development of herd immunity, which is the most effective means of getting Covid-19 under control. The Covid-19 virus has a very low mortality rate and it is completely ludicrous to put healthy individuals who can easily handle infection and develop immunity in isolation. Think about it rationally. If we have a cancer patient who has their immune system wiped out by radiation or chemotherapy they are more prone to all sorts of infections. So do we isolate the whole world around them? Of course not because that would be as ridiculously stupid as isolating healthy individuals for Covid-19.

Rational thought tells us that to protect those more prone to infection we isolate those compromised immune systems instead, which allows healthier individuals to be exposed and fight the infection to build immunity to reduce the infection through herd immunity.

Of the so-called “health experts” cannot understand these simple facts then I recommend they go back to medical school and redo their educations well there you have it, wearing a mask for COVID-19, isolation and social distance are utterly BS.

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