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Morris Fishbein The Biggest Medical Criminal Quack That Has Ever Existed

TobiOct 9, 2019, 10:54:55 PM

Most people are aware how pharmaceuticals love money by developing drugs that has shown over again not proven to work to properly cure and causing major side effects. A guy named Morris Fishbein is known as the Godfather of all quack people that exist today and caused great medical corruption of the mainstream allopathic medicine. I am going to bust the whole corrupted medical community of allopathy and everyone here is going to see the truth what is even happening here in this world and why many people end up constantly in the hospital while “doctors” already so-called “helping” them. Let’s get started.

Who was Morris Fishbein and what did he do?

Morris was an MD (Doctor of Medicine) he became the president of AMA (American Medical Association) for over 25 years from 1924 to 1950, and who was also the chief editor of JAMA, the Journal of the American Medical Association. He started becoming powerful by labeling holistic healers, American midwives and Native Americans calling them “Quacks” thus beginning and ultimately empowering the chemical medicine industry that was to become the allopathic America we know today. He then used the AMA “seal of acceptance” much the way the FDA uses fast-track drug approvals now, advertising only pharmaceuticals next to “peer reviewed” journal entries and supposed new research (misinformation) in JAMA. Fishbein was an intelligent huckster famous for using John R. Brinkley, a mad scientist of the time known as the “goat-gland-surgeon,” as a scapegoat for his “quack” label, which Fishbein would later use to ruin natural healers.

Fishbein also campaigned heavily for the regulation of medical devices, which would take on a major role in allopathic medicine after WWII, when processed food began its own massively destructive role in American health. No longer would cancer, diabetes, heart disease and Alzheimer’s be rare disorders and diseases in the USA, rather they would be commonplace and labeled “genetic” and one Morris Fishbein served as the AMA ring leader for 40 years plus. He made the cover of Time magazine in 1937, but one year later was indicted, along with the AMA, for violating the Sherman Anti-Trust Act. Though Morris Fishbein was a doctor, he graduated from Rush Medical School, known for having low admission standards. Instead of practicing medicine, he did residency for an infectious disease doctor for a year-and-a-half. It is said that Fishbein never saw a patient or actually practiced medicine a single day in his life. Morris Fishbein was eventually convicted of racketeering charges and died in 1976 (I am so happy he is dead). The seventh floor of Shoreland Hall at the University of Chicago was called the “Fishbein House” in a last ditch attempt to preserve his namesake in allopathic medicine.

Morris started to call the most authentic brilliant scientists who has found the cures for many diseases through natural stuff as “quacks” regardless of how many evidences they have to support their claims. This is what lead Morris to dominate allopathic medicine. During the old time when he was alive, the AMA by his authority even “PUSHED” to sell cigarettes in the market. Morris went so far that he even gave advise to the cigarettes manufactures of how to conduct a scientific test, which caused a major fraud of study manipulation to claim that cigarettes are harmless and does not increase the risk of cancer and so on but we all know that this is obviously false. Anyway I am going to copy couple of important paragraphs from a very reliable source that has its credentials to back them all up.

All nutrition education was quickly removed from American medical schools, and the AMA was also responsible for the licensing of all doctors in America, so they could oversee it all. Nutrition would never be taught to students studying medicine again, especially as a way to heal anything, and if a doctor so tried he would be shut down by the AMA and the FDA. To top it off, the infamous Fishbein won landmark court cases that buried natural cures for decades. In other words, rather than practicing medicine, Fishbein made silencing cures his profession.

The synthetic drug industry got its jumpstart from the ultimate huckster, Morris Fishbein. As drugs became more entrenched in the U.S. medical system, everything else was considered a risky alternative or simply declared illegal. Doctors who used or even suggested natural cures were ripped from their practices, licenses removed, medical files destroyed and some were never heard from again. Over a dozen encouraging cancer treatments were buried over several decades. Fishbein made sure nobody knew who Royal Rife was, and that nobody could buy the Rife frequency machine, a holistic treatment for cancer and infectious diseases. Fishbein also tried to bury the Hoxsey cancer cures, treatments that cured several forms of cancer, and were comparable to surgery and radium, with no destructive side effects. Today, the AMA continues to make decisions to protect corporate interests and expensive chronic care management practices. Prescription drugs alone are responsible for at least 100,000 deaths of Americans each year, and the AMA seal still carries with it the same weight and significance. This is exactly of how evil he truly is, I am so happy he is dead.

So which one is the alternative medicine: Holistic or Allopathic mainstream medicine?

There are so many medical studies backing the efficacy of holistic medicine. Same reason allopathic medicine is always playing catch up. How many pharmaceutical drugs are made from herbs or based on their chemistry? A LOT OF THEM!!!!! And things like protease inhibitors and angiogenesis inhibitors were being used years before big pharma caught on and started making their own. Again allopathic medicine, which a lot of is based on faked science is always trying to play catch up with Holistic medicines, which was the REAL medicine before the alternative allopathic medicine started to take hold based on buying off politicians and other corrupt activity. Research the history of how allopathic medicine came to be first from AMA corruption, which was later replaced by FDA corruption as the FDA took over due to the rampant corruption in the AMA by Morris Fishbein which is exactly this article the full explanation for what Morris did. So, as a conclusion: Which medicine is alternative? That would be mainstream medicine allopathic. Holistic medicine is the true medicine and I can exactly prove it, I can give thousands of examples how successful holistic medicine is BETTER than allopathic.

The three major examples of medical errors from mainstream medicine

Example 1: So let's start with heartburn or known as acid reflux, doctors prescribe medicine called antacid or giving a therapy called PPI which stands for Proton-Pump Inhibitor, these are group of drugs that are there to reduce the stomach acid since they claim that heartburn or acid reflux is caused by too much stomach acid but that is a LIE. it is the LOW stomach acid that causes it, so they make the condition even worse. Now, according to numerous studies, these drugs has shown to increase the risk of death, heart attack and even stomach cancer. it is even very easy to prove how these drugs increases the risk of stomach cancer. We know for a fact that H,pylori bacteria produces a high alkaline substance called Ammonia that reduces stomach acid which causes ulcer but it can also develop stomach cancer. The fact in science is that the pathogens needs alkaline to live, acid kills the pathogens so what does our stomach acid do? It eliminates pathogens. This is already quackery right there.

Example 2: So, going to example number 2 is that they claim that there is no cure for HIV and AIDS and they claim that HIV is the cause of AIDS. But as I have explained this numerous times that they lied about it by protecting a pseudoscientific liar named Robert Gallo, millions of people died due to medical errors by forcing them to prescribe AZT and its relatives drugs that are anti-retroviral drugs to inhibit HIV virus. But what people do not realize is that the AZT and its relative drugs are the real primary cause of AIDS by suppressing the bone marrow which declines EVERY SINGLE IMMUNE CELL that exist in our body which includes CD4+T-helper cells, B cells and T-killer cells. This leads to opportunistic infections. HIV at the other hand DOES NOT suppress your bone marrow, it ONLY infects the CD4+T-helper cells but that does not collapse the immune system since T-killer cells and B cells both operates independently, so it is clearly impossible for HIV to cause any disease in mankind. In fact there is no common lab test to confirm a viral presence at all, HIV positive are extremely inaccurate and false which also explains how people that took the drugs started to develop AIDS syndrome ( Group of symptoms). The only virus that can cause AIDS by suppressing the bone marrow is Human Herpes Virus type 6. In order to cure it is by using suma root for bone marrow regeneration, betulinic acid found in chaga mushroom to help eliminate HIV virus, and ozone therapy to eliminate herpes type 6.

Example 3: This one is the iodine overdose that has been prescribed by mainstream medicine. I have personally seen and also witnessed how doctors gives 500 milligrams Iodine supplement to people who has hypothyroidism, but what people failed to realize is that 500 milligrams of iodine is incredibly toxic and destroys the thyroid which causes people to end up being dead. 1 milligram of iodine is already a toxic level. The true recommending dosing of iodine for adults and stuff are around between 130 to 150 MICROGRAMS of iodine. Seaweeds has high source of iodine which is excellent. So there you go

You know what? I will just give another example.

Example 4: Allopaths claims that there is no cure for autoimmune and they claim that autoimmune is caused by overactive. Both of these claims are false. Doctors prescribe steroid medicine which makes autoimmune worse due to the high concentration of steroids which causes adrenal glands to become even worse dysfunctional. The easiest evidence to prove that overactive is not the cause is by looking at how stress makes autoimmune worse which happens to be a major cause for SUPPRESSING the immune system? How about nicotine? Ephedrine? Caffeine? And of course steroid drugs? All of them are stimulants, they are unhealthy for the adrenal glands, it SUPPRESSES the immunity which makes autoimmune even worse. So how do you HOLISTICALLY cure autoimmune? By simply building up your adrenal glands, avoid all the stimulants and start consuming sources that supports the adrenal glands such as adaptogen herbs and vitamin C and B5. Like I said, I can come up with thousands of examples of how many times the mainstream medicine fails to save lives.

I hope everyone realize what kind of a world we are living and this is exactly the reason why I am busting quacks all the time. Hope you enjoyed this article! Thanks for reading!








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