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How Immunology Debunks The Efficacy of Vaccines (Quackery of Vaccines)

TobiApr 10, 2022, 9:10:47 PM

One of the most common myth that we keep hearing is that vaccines makes people less likely to be infected and that it stimulates antibodies. First of all this is extremely misleading but I need to explain first how does a vaccine exactly "work." First of all a vaccine contains an antigen or a destroyed/inactivated pathogen that gets injected into the bloodstream where it triggers an immune response such as natural killer cells which belongs to the innate immunity, you have cytotoxic T cells which belongs to the adaptive immunity and you have macrophages. But I'll just mention the list of immune cells which belongs to the innate and which belongs to the adaptive immunity to avoid confusions. And I also need to explain in more deeper understanding in immunology.

List of white blood cells

The following names of the cells that are in innate immunity would be macrophages, monocytes, leukocytes, phagocytes, neutrophils, endothelial cells, epithelial cells, and natural killer cells. While adaptive immunity has B-lymphocytes, T-lymphocytes but there is also a third important classes of immune cells and that is called APC which stands for antigen-presenting cells and it has various classes of cells including dendritic cells, langerhans cells, B-lymphocytes and also macrophages so these 4 immune cells that I just mentioned are classes of APC, now what does that mean? It means that they can let the T-killer cells know that they are infected by a pathogen such as a virus and the way how it operates would be the increase production of major histocompatibility complex class 1 (MHC-1). Now you may be thinking that why is macrophages also a part of adaptive immunity called APC? To avoid confusion is to realize that even macrophages can become victimized by being infected by a pathogen (virus), and even macrophages are capable to produce MHC-1 as well for the T-killer cells to kill it, now should you be concerned that maybe T-killer cells will wipe out the entire macrophages family? No, since host cells/infected cells also releases interferons which I'll explain that in a bit

Roles of cytokines (such as interferons)

Realize that there are couple of types of interferons based on where they are released. For instance you have type 1 interferons which would include interferon beta and interferon alpha, they are secreted by infected cells, while type 2 would be the gamma interferons which are released by T-cells (that includes also helper-T cells), natural killer cells and once again macrophages and what are the roles of interferons? Interfering viral replications and also sending messages to the nearby cells or known as neighboring cells for MHC-1 production to prevent further spread of infections for the T-killer cells to do its job to eliminate them. So do you see how super intelligent our immune system actually is? Do you get to hear this from mainstream or media and stuff? Absolutely not, you get to learn all of this from immunology textbook.

Before I get to the very point about debunking vaccines and simply I also need to explain about cytokines which are such as interleukins, interferons, tumour necrosis factor alpha and transforming growth factor beta and there are many types of interleukins but don't worry I'll explain each interleukin's role 1 by 1 and interferons and the other 2

The role of interleukin-1 are secreted by immune cells that belongs to innate immunity such as macrophages, monocytes, epithelial cells and endothelial cells, the role of interleukin 1 is to induce inflammation of our vasculature, inducing the acute phase proteins in our liver and inducing fever by our hypothalamus.

The tumour necrosis factor alpha plays slightly similar role as interleukin 1 such as also inflammation of our vasculature and the acute phase proteins in our liver but it does more than that which is different than interleukin 1, it also includes the loss of body fat and muscles which is called cachexia, but it also activates neutrophils and it induces cell death, the tumour necrosis factor are released by macrophages, monocytes, neutrophils, activated T cells and natural killer cells. 

The role of interleukin-12 are released by dentritic cells and macrophages but it plays an important role for influencing adaptive immunity by promoting the T-helper-1 cells (Th1 cells) subset and also the influence of natural killer cells as well.

Next would be interleukin-6 released by macrophages, endothelial cells and also Th2 cells, this one also plays a role with inducing acute phase proteins in our liver, but also influences the adaptive immunity increasing the production of antibodies by our B-lymphocytes so this type of interleukin-6 is responsible for basically telling the B-lymphocytes to release antibodies and to increase the production of it rapidly.

Next would be both interferon alpha and interferon beta which both plays the exact same roles, it induces an antiviral state in most nucleated cells, it increases MHC-1 expression which is very important for our cytotoxic T-cells or known as T-killer cells to identify infected cells by the peptide antigens found in the MHC class 1 and it also activates natural killer cells. So as you can see interleukin-1, 2, 12, 6, tumour necrosis factor alpha, interferon alpha and interferon beta all belongs to the innate immunity. 

Cytokines in adaptive immunity

Now I will mention other several group of cytokines in adaptive immunity. First would be transforming growth factor alpha (TGF-a), this one is released by macrophages, various other types of cells and also T-lymphocytes, the role of this is it inhibits T-cell proliferation and effector functions, it also inhibits B-cell proliferation and promotes isotype switch to IgA (immunoglobulin-A which is the first line defense antibodies) and it also inhibits macrophages too. Interleukin-2 released by T-lymphocytes, plays a very important role for the proliferation of B cells, T cells, activation and proliferation of natural killer cells and also promotes activation-induced cell death (AICD).

Interleukin-4 released by Th2 cells and mast cells, plays a role with the differentiation of Th2 cells and the isotype of the antibodies gets switched to E which means immunoglobulin-E which plays a role for allergens.

Then you have interleukin-5 has to do with activation and generation of eosinophils which are type of disease fighting white blood cells, this type of interleukin is released by Th2 cells. 

Then finally you have interleukin-y, released by Th1 cells, natural killer cells and even T-killer cells, this one activates not only macrophages but it also increases the expression of both MHC-1 and even MHC-2 and also increases the presentation of antigen. So TGF-a, interleukin-4, 5, 2 and y are all group of cytokines in adaptive immunity.

General explanation why vaccines are pseudo-science and quackery

Now that has been crystal clear fully explained how immune system truly works and the mechanism of it now here comes finally the very point how vaccines are basically utter complete pseudo-science and quackery. First of all as you all know these cytokines chemicals as I mentioned and explained each of the chemical's role are highly dependent on methylation because our genes are the ones that makes these chemicals to exist, methylation is important for gene expression such as on and off switch which would be called as epigenetics, methylation needs B12, B6, folate, and even trimethylglycine to maintain its biological process for sufficient production of these important chemicals when you are infected. Now, can a vaccine do that? The answer would be no. 

Let's go to the second point, T-lymphocytes are extremely important, but what does T stands for? Thymus, so basically it is called the thymus-lymphocytes because these types of lymphocytes are dependent on thymus gland, not vaccines. The thymus gland is the one that matures immature Tcells to become adult T-cells to do its job, think of it that thymus gland is like a boot camp and these immature T-cells are recruited to be trained to become soldiers, that is basically how you can compare that. Now what does thymus gland need? Maintaining adrenal glands and especially vitamin C. Can vaccine do that? Absolutely not. 

Let's go to the third point. Our adrenal glands produces corticosteroids hormones and they are extremely powerful anti-inflammatory hormones to make sure that we don't get chronic inflammation or rather to say that inflammation does not get out of control which prevents cytokine storm syndrome which also has to do with poor methylation because it lacks the gene expression off switch would cause overwhelming amount of cytokines which becomes too much which once again vaccines cannot correct that since vaccines are not methyl-donors to begin with. Now having sufficient steroids you will have high-affinity antibodies, so since vaccines "stimulates antibodies" what do you think it would happen if you vaccinate a person who has such as severe weak adrenals with very low amount of steroids or TOO little amount of steroids, do you honestly think you're gonna get high-affinity antibodies? No, you're gonna get low-affinity antibodies which are not even target specifics and are incredibly weak and stimulating that kind of antibodies is the worst idea ever because this induces autoimmune disease, that is why vaccines has shown to cause autoimmune diseases. Adrenals are dependent on vitamin C, adaptogenic herbs and B5 and avoiding stimulants, can vaccines provide that? No. Absolutely not. 

Fourth point, our T-cells and B cells are created by our bone marrow thanks to our hematopoietic stem cells, GE-132 or basically suma root has shown to maintain the bone marrow health and stimulating it for the sufficient production of these stem cells produce all kinds of white blood cells which includes innate immunity white blood cells and adaptive immunity white blood cells. Can vaccines support your bone marrow? The answer would be no. So there you have it. This right here is exactly why so many pro-vaxxers ran away from me because unlike them I know immunology very well and especially the connections. Hopefully this has helped a lot of people to finally understand how and why vaccines are completely nonsense and the claims of vaccines gives less likely infection is completely nonsense and pure pseudoscience that clearly contradicts actual immunology. So there you have it.


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