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Unlicensed veneer peeling machine lets you make the most of every wooden core-

tiffany79jDec 2, 2018, 5:59:11 AM


Element one, thermal spraying treatment can be alloy, metal and other materials heating and melting, atomization, spray to the surface of the tool, so that the tool wear resistance is better.
Element two, through the seepage layer technology can make the surface chemical composition of the tool change, so that the wear resistance of the tool is improved.
Element three, for a certain heat treatment of woodworking tools, can improve the hardness of the surface, increase the wear resistance of the tool.

Veneer peeling machine is one of the main equipment for the production of plywood, divided into a card veneer peeling machine cutting machine and a card-free veneer peeling machine, with the advancement of Science and technology digital control technology is also applied to veneer In the production of Peeling machine machine, CNC veneer peeling machine appeared in recent years.
The appearance of CNC veneer peeling machine not only improves the quality and precision of the production single board, but also greatly improves the production efficiency and the automation degree of the whole machine.

CNC Card-free veneer peeling machine is developed on the basis of ordinary veneer peeling machine, there is a card shaft veneer peeling machine in the process of rotary cutting the remaining wood core can not be spun, resulting in wood capital The waste of the source also increases the cost, while the CNC veneer peeling machine is designed for the remaining wood cores, which improves the utilization rate of wood.
In addition, CNC card-free veneer peeling machine not only improve the quality and accuracy of the single board, but also improve the work efficiency.
CNC Card-free veneer peeling machine The use of a long time will inevitably appear a small problem, such as veneer peeling machine knife dull, skin deformation and other reasons, these need users to regularly check maintenance veneer peeling machine To reduce the probability of veneer peeling machine failure, resulting in savings in maintenance costs.
The inspection and maintenance of the card-free veneer peeling machine mainly from the following aspects to consider:


To maintain a card-free veneer peeling machine performance stability and safety, should be checked according to the following frequency: The new equipment should be guided shaft, hanging wheel frame, clutch gear, roller shaft and other moving parts to add lubricating oil, guide shaft, hanging wheel frame, clutch gear, roller shaft and other places should be in the new machine within 40 hours, Lubricating oil is required 1 times every 2 hours; After 200 hours of operation of the equipment, each lubrication component is lubricated 2 times every 8 hours; After 200 hours of work check whether the control buttons are working properly; the single double roller drive motor triangle belt or chain is worn or loosened, and adjusted and replaced in a timely manner.


3, rotary thickness can be freely adjusted, to meet different market demand
4, do not need plc, do not need all external controllers, only need external operation switch
5, in the power grid voltage instability environment can also be very good operation.

CNC Card-free veneer peeling machine is an important equipment on the plywood production line or veneer production line, mainly used to have the card shaft veneer peeling machine rotary cut the remaining (or grilled circle) wood core for two times, will be of varying lengths of wood segments, The wood cores in a certain diameter range are cut into veneer of different thicknesses, and the diameter of the rotary cut is small.

For the woodworking industry, the wear resistance of the tool is very critical, not only affect the production efficiency of the plate, but also have a certain impact on equipment damage.
Therefore, how to improve the wear resistance of woodworking tools has become a major focus of attention of the majority of users.
To this end, we are invited to veneer peeling machine manufacturers to talk about woodworking tool wear resistance to improve the three elements, the next one to understand it.

The ac63-x inverter is applied to veneer peeling machine, allowing veneer peeling machine to automatically adjust the given speed of veneer peeling machine according to the actual diameter of the log, in accordance with the process requirements, In order to ensure that the thickness of the wood skin is uniform.
Its technical features are mainly manifested in:
1, low speed state, the output torque is large, to ensure that the motor at low speed heavy cutting has a strong cutting force.