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thewayfarerprojectSep 6, 2020, 12:45:52 AM

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Spectral Dream No. 3 - Establishment

This piece is a sequence of the first eight hexagrams from the I Ching, and outline their meaning in both musical and visual form. These different hexagrams are used as the graphic elements that make up different portions of the overall visual piece at their appropriate moments in time for their stages in order. The colors interpret their meaning. The various textures of noise are also constructed from the hexagram shape as various frequency ranges are passed through filtering, creating an aural layer of their hexagram shape. The pan flute performance is an interpretation of the struggle for one to begin and reach a point of establishment, facing the different challenges of spirit that come along the way, as indicated by the sequence of the first eight hexagrams of the I Ching, which tell this story of establishment.




Spectral Dream No. 2 - Beautiful Synchronicities Part 1

This is a metaphysical exploration of the phenomenon of synchronicity. There are seeming coincidences in our lives that come from a patterns int he universe that stem from our own conscious creation. These patterns are complex, just like anything that is physically organic. The non-physical organic aspect to the universe is where the mystery lies, but it is a living entity in and of itself. This combined entity of the universe, however, includes us, and as individuals, we affect the growth of the universe and the growth of our lives over time.

Voice Performed by Liza Seigido http://psycheopera.com




Spectral Dream No. 2 - Beautiful Synchronicities Part 1

This is a metaphysical exploration of the phenomenon of synchronicity. There are seeming coincidences in our lives that come from a patterns int he universe that stem from our own conscious creation. These patterns are complex, just like anything that is physically organic. The non-physical organic aspect to the universe is where the mystery lies, but it is a living entity in and of itself. This combined entity of the universe, however, includes us, and as individuals, we affect the growth of the universe and the growth of our lives over time.

Voice Performed by Liza Seigido: http://psycheopera.com




Spectral Dream No. 1 - Dreams Become Fibers

This piece paints the picture of a meditation on a hillside, in which the one who is meditating gradually feels himself being enveloped by the land. In this process of becoming one with the setting, the meditation brings about visions and sounds that allow one to see the fibers that make up the reality that we see on a daily basis. This infinite network of fibers makes up the physical reality around us. If we put the energy from our dreams into the energy of these fibers, we can see our dreams manifest before us in time.

French Horn Performed by: Corey Klein





This piece was a collaboration between Lawrence W. Moore (music) and Liza Seigido (video). Moore composed the music in an effort to work with the small, almost instantaneous element of a snapping sound, generated by using an empty sync table. Moore generated the instrument in Csound and applied many parameters to it, which allowed him to create an adventure from using such a simple sound. Seigido created the video from a short, 7 second clip of video footage of US1 on the way back from the Florida Keys.

Video by Liza Seigido @psycheopera

Music by Lawrence W. Moore 




Meditation Mandala No. 1 - Ring

The Ring Mandala is a meditation on Air and Earth spirits joining together in a union. This is a grounding meditation for the mind and the body. The symbolism draws upon imagery that reaches our inner sense of exploration and binds it with our inner sense of home on the Earth. This piece was offered by the composer, Lawrence W. Moore as an engagement ring to Liza Seigido. The answer was "yes."




Meditation Mandala No. 2 - Will

This piece is a moving Meditation Mandala with hypnotic music for creating an alpha state and a hypnotic video for bringing one’s thinking into the abstract. Will is the power that we have to focus our attention onto life experiences. It is also a power that we have to focus our focal point onto higher planes of existence and perceptions that are beyond our ordinary reality.




Meditation Mandala No. 3 - Nomad

The Nomad wanders from area to area in order to sustain his life and that of his family. The traveling life is a difficult one, full of challenges, but it is also full of opportunities. One needs to place faith in one’s self in order to survive this way and prosper. This meditation reaches the inside of the viewer/listener and stimulates one’s drive and integrity to push onward in difficult times.




Sonic Vision Meditation No 1 Crawling Sky Meditation in Sanibel

On the shores of Sanibel Island, one enters into the environment and re-establishes the link between one's self and the world around. In such places of natural beauty, there is a power that can be tapped that, when drawn into the self, allow the self to project outward into what, metaphysically, is a part of the self. The world beyond is a mysterious one. When not using the eyes, the visions are different than what the eyes see. When not using the ears, one hears the inner music of the self and the world beyond.

This is a piece that is part creative imagination and part meditation. It strives to capture the experience of being one with the surroundings in a natural place of beauty. The music was recorded using various synthesizer modules, that produce a very organic analog electronic sound. This sound combines the organic, in the analog curves of the sound and the metaphysical derived from the fact that it is nonetheless, electronic.




Sonic Vision Meditation No 2 Meditation Beneath the Water's Surface in Sanibel

This piece is both a meditation and an art composition. Just beneath the water's surface is where one can look through the transparent water to the sky. Just as our ego's lie just beneath the surface of our being, we see out at the wonders around us that are just there visually, but so far away from our ability to truly behold. Behind us is the mystery in the deep. We prefer to look outward. When we do, we are still seeing ourselves.

The music was composed using the analog modular synthesis equipment listed below. This audio was then set to binaural beating to help produce an alpha wave state and a theta wave state. The visual material is to help keep the eyes focused on doing something relaxing to encourage less internal verbal dialogue.





This, the title track form the Sanctuary album, by Wayfarer, signals to one that he or she is about to embark on a journey back to his or her past and come into a story that has been going on since ancient times. It is s the story of the many lives of the individuals who have walked the Earth. As individuals, each of us has a story within the overall story. Our life is full of creative potential, fueled by our dreams. After all, our dreams and what we make of them is the only original gift that we will ever have to offer the universe.

Hear the album on the Sanctuary page at The Wayfarer Project.


Wayfarer Albums



Pitch and Time - In and Out

Hear the album at: http://www.thewayfarerproject.com/music/pitch-and-time--in-and-out/

Pitch and Time - In and Out

is the sixth Wayfarer album release and is perhaps, the most experimental album of them all. The common theme throughout the album is the use of distortion, bending, and warping techniques on both the elements of pitch and time in the music. The sounds of different instruments are distorted through pitch shifting, time stretching, and a combination of the two. The distortion techniques are taken to such extremes that one sometimes hears the music as if through a magnifying glass, revealing small microcosms of sound elements. At times, the distortion goes to the macro level and the pitches of melody or sound samples speed up and fly by as if they were taken by the wind.

While the different pieces on the album have a common theme running through them as far as the techniques used in warping pitch and time are concerned, their subject matter varies from piece to piece. The warping of pitch and time is sometimes abstract and cold, and at other times, organic and warm. Many moods and emotions can be drawn from the transformation of these elements, and this album shows how such experimental techniques can still render a music that is moving and touching to the soul.

The spirit of adventure is alive in this album, bringing the listener to a whole new world that Wayfarer has not journeyed to hence.





Hear the album at: http://www.thewayfarerproject.com/music/meditations/


Meditations, the fifth Wayfarer album release, once again embarks in a new direction. Spirituality and the exploration of the mysteries of life has always been at the core of Wayfarer music. In this album, Wayfarer explores the art of meditation and one of the common types of meditations, chakra stimulation.

Meditation, at its simplest level, is the act of maintaining a quiet mind, free of thoughts, especially in word form, such that one can experience what lies beyond the physical world. In Eastern philosophies and religions, this is where the divine would enter, bringing pieces of enlightenment or enlightenment itself. One can also, however, have a focus to meditation, where the quiet mind maintains a focus on a subject or concept, but is nonetheless quiet in all other regards, without thinking about the subject of focus with words. those who wish to stimulate or cleanse the 7 base energy centers, chakras, of the body, would focus on these colors and their positions along the column of the body while quiet in thought.

In an attempt to aid this process, Wayfarer composer, Lawrence W. Moore, did some research on the frequencies of vibrations in sound that relate to each of the energy centers. In using tones at these frequencies and a binaural beating pattern to encourage a quiet mind, Moore uses sound in an attempt to get the mind to focus on these energy centers during quiet meditation without the mind having to engage itself in thought about it while doing so. This is an attempt, over 20 minutes, for each meditation to bring a focus to the seven base chakras, while helping to maintain a quiet mind in the process. The three meditations on this album have 3 different sets of nature sound ambiance in order to relax the listener and not have the tones become too aggressive in one’s hearing or thoughts, which could disturb one from attaining a quiet mind. The ambiance is provided in order to help one to not think about the experience, but just behold it as the sound unfolds.




When the Shadows Came Upon Us All

Hear the album at: http://www.thewayfarerproject.com/album/when-the-shadows-came-upon-us-all/

When the Shadows Came Upon Us All

When the Shadows Came Upon Us All was inspired by a legend, and perhaps a reality, written about by Carlos Castaneda in the book, The Active Side of Infinity. Castaneda writes of an experience he had in the company of his nagual teacher, Don Juan Matus, who told him about dark, inorganic beings called fliers. These fliers are beings that we cannot normally see that nevertheless exist as inorganic energy. They are living beings although they are not solid nor of organic composition.

The fliers are like dark shadows of immense size. They feed off of the energy in the luminous shells that surround our non-physical bodies. This feeding consists of devouring our emotional energy. The fliers drive us into emotional states in order to feed off of this energy. They speak to us through our own voices in our minds and influence our behavior. They do so, not out of an evil design, but out of a need to survive. The quest of a man of knowledge is to quiet the internal verbal dialogue and thus raise the vibration of his or her consciousness. In so doing, the luminous energy that surrounds us becomes less palatable to the fliers.

It is a sad story that most of us will never realize this concept, and are almost trapped, by ignorance, into a low-energy existence and a fate to be slowly drained over our lifetimes as the fliers feed on us.




C Journey

Hear the album at: http://www.thewayfarerproject.com/music/c-journey/

C Journey

C Journey is the third Wayfarer album release and charts a different course from the previous albums. During this time, Wayfarer composer, Lawrence W. Moore, was studying his doctoral degree at the University of Miami. Specializing in electro-acoustic music, Moore studied electronic music composition using the programming environment, Csound. Csound is a text-based scripting language that allows one to generate waveforms in both real time and as rendered files.

Intrigued by the concept of coding music through such a programming language, Moore began composing pieces using Csound and soon generated sound in a completely new way. Just as a user of magic would read from a scroll, bringing magic to existence from the words of the scroll, a composer can use code to encode magic that would take the form of music upon rendering the code.

C Journey is a voyage through this magical world of abstract sounds that are far removed from the typical electronic sounds one finds in most electronic music. The sounds that Moore generates in this music are driven by numbers such is sound when represented in digital form. Yet, the sounds seem to come alive with a new kind of organic growth that is fascinating, if not magical.




Tale Told by an Idiot

Hear the album at: http://www.thewayfarerproject.com/music/tale-told-by-an-idiot/

Tale Told by an Idiot

Tale Told by an Idiot is the second Wayfarer album release. The music on this album are all tales of struggles. They are ultimately struggles to answer the same question, just from different angles and moods. William Shakespeare posed the question once, asking if reality had any meaning to it, or if it were simply “a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

Our lives are journeys, for we begin and end as different people, shaped by the experience of our lives along the way. It can then be said that our lives are really stories. Do these stories simply have the meaning that we assign to them? Are they random journeys? Is there such a thing as destiny? Is there such a thing as free will?

Only those who are overflowing with faith seem to overcome these questions with confidence. Yet, at that last moment when we know that we are about to slip beyond this mortal world, so you really know what is going to happen? One who claims to be absolutely certain and has no doubt whatsoever, is making a very mighty claim. Those who do from different faiths are not in agreement either. They cannot all be right. How does one achieve a state of knowing such that he or she could claim that so many other human beings, throughout time, are just simply wrong and were not able to attain the heights of knowledge and certainty this holder of faith has? It is a rather arrogant claim.

Perhaps the one who has hope, but admits doubt is actually stronger than the one who claims absolute certainty in faith. Riding upon questions throughout one’s life makes for an existence filled with feelings of doubt and fear. Quenching doubt and fear with zealotry is a bold move and does make one a bit mightier in confidence, but at the same time, it is far much harder to live with the discomfort of uncertainty and to be truly honest with one’s self that the mysteries of life will most likely remain mysteries. For only the experience beyond this life can say what is to come.





Hear the album at: http://www.thewayfarerproject.com/music/sanctuary/


The Sanctuary album was the first album release from Wayfarer. It draws from the influences of world music, new age, jazz, and electronica. The music takes on a journey through different aspects of life and engages in the emotions felt by one along the life journey. It is each person’s imagination and creativity, tempered and crafted by their life quest, that becomes the unique gift that the individual offers the universe.

While the Earth can be thought of as an organism and humanity thought of as one, the importance of the individual is paramount. It is through our unique perspectives that we find different experiences in life and craft our persona as we journey through it. Each of our journeys is unique, and if there is any importance in life at all, then there is importance to these unique life experiences. So many explore the spiritual quest as a search for wholeness. While there is value in this, one should not neglect the search for uniqueness either. Life is not simply an experience in which we are pitted to just find illusion in our individuality and to escape it. Life is an experience of importance to cherish our individuality, shape it, and allow it to grow. For when it is over, our unique experiences, imagination, and creativity is all we have left to offer the universe.