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thewayfarerprojectSep 14, 2020, 9:07:57 AM

About this Blog Post

This blog post is a Minds repository of the tutorial streams of The Wayfarer Project. These streams can also be found on The Wayfarer project's Game Streams page.

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Wayfarer Plays Empyrion

Wayfarer Plays Empyrion S01E01 - How to Safely Gather Resources

Empyrion Galactic Survival is a very well-rounded game. It has survival, it has action, it has strategy, it has crafting, it has schilling, and it has building. You are a astronaut who has crash landed on a planet that is dangerous and you must find the resources that you need to make the things that you need to survive. Then, you can think about building hover vehicles, small space vehicles, and then large capital vessels. You can explore the galaxy and enjoy all of the many things that are going to try and kill you. Wayfarer shows how to get started on the temperate planet.


Wayfarer Plays Raft

Wayfarer Plays Raft S01E01 - Surviving the First Few Days

Join Wayfarer on the high seas as he strives to thrive and survive while living only on a raft. In this episode, Wayfarer shows how to get started in Raft and how to survive the shark attacks, get food, get water, and craft the necessary tools all while expanding the raft. This is an up tempo survival game that has a good deal of crafting and building. It can really bring out one's creativity while never letting the pace down.


Wayfarer Plays Raft S01E02 - Building a House Raft Part 1

Now that Wayfarer has gotten into a groove with harvesting resources, eating food, keeping hydrated, crafting tools, and expanding his raft, it is time to build a nice little house boat. Perhaps house raft is a better term for it, but the result is about the same. In this game, you primarily live on the water so it is time to make the adventuring vehicle more comfortable.


Wayfarer Plays Raft S01E03 - Building a House Raft Part 2

After expanding the raft and trying out some different wall styles, Wayfarer finds out some arrangements of walls, second floor materials, and roofs don't work well together. So, this episode is a good one to watch for learning about the different types of walls, the materials that make them up, how they work with the second floor segments, and how the roof sections fit in. All the time, Wayfarer must continue to harvest resources, cook food, purify water, and repair up after that nasty shark!


Wayfarer Plays Raft S01E04 - Building a House Raft Part 4

In this episode, Wayfarer finished his house raft. He finally selects the right kind of walls, floors, and roof sections so that it is a comfortable as well as well-suited for harvesting resources. He puts up a sail and a streamer to help negotiate the winds and is now ready to think about about what to do next.


Wayfarer Plays Conan Exiles

Wayfarer Plays Conan Exiles S01E0 1- Spawning in and Finding a Spot for a Base

Conan Exiles is a very balanced game. It has crafting, building, and a great combat system. This game combines creativity with survival in a powerful way. Wayfarer spawns into the game and proceeds to search for a good place to make a base for the first part of the overall adventure. After seeking a place in lands he did not explore before, a sudden death inspired him to start from an area that he knows pretty well.One has to look for a place where there are useful resources around, hunting grounds, and to start, enemies of a reasonable difficulty for the early days of the adventure.


Wayfarer Plays Conan Exiles S01E02 - Building a Base Part 1

One of the first things one wants to do in Conan Exiles is to build a base. Since the starting region is a desert environment, building a tier 1 sandstone structure is the best that one can do. This base will help provide a refuge from the sandstorms and a place to put the different crafting areas. Building a base is key to one's survival.


Wayfarer Plays Rising World

Wayfarer Plays Rising World S01E01 - Surviving the First Few Days

Wayfarer begins his adventure in Rising World with some tips on how to survive the first few days and how to get some shelter and get started on mining in a fruitful way. It is a gradual process, and it's not too hard to avoid danger, but it is an enjoyable journey where the progress you make feels rewarding as you tap your creativity at nearly every moment. In this episode, Wayfarer finds the general area he wants to live in and begins to dig out a mine where he can also build crafting stations in safety to start manufacturing the things that he needs to prosper.


Wayfarer Plays Rising World S01E02 - Making More Crafting Stations, Hunting, and Finding a Horse

In this episode, Wayfarer shows many of the crafting stations that you will be making in Rising World and then goes hunting to find hides to make leather. The leather making is for making a saddle so that he can find a horse and ride it. Getting around the world is much quicker on a horse!